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Weekly Roundup #1

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Hello everyone!


Welcome to the first of our new Weekly Roundup! This is a news post that will be recapping everything that has happened over the course of the last week! This is for anyone on site who may not be in the discord, so they can stay in the know whenever we have new and exciting things planned, or to see any changes that have happened the week before!

Each Weekly Roundup post will be happening on Sundays at 8pm EST.

Yellow PleepEC ConvertDrixie

This week

  • You can now convert your EC to TC in the Eggster EC Shop! Make sure you spend all of your EC before the shop closes on May 6th! ( Please be sure to see the shop for the exact time)
  • Eggster familiars and EC bundles have been added to the cash shop! Be sure to check out the shop today!
  • Additionally, MYO Slots have been restocked in the cash shop! 

Minor updates/Bugfixes

  • Bokkudo XL wing modifier, Bokkudo Fingers, and bokkudo spikes have been added/readded to the .info site. You can find these changes  here!
  • We have made a small phrasing change on the scoring guide
    • "Up to 4 thumbnails per submission" -> "Up to 4 thumbnails per scene"
  • We have updated a section of our trade and resale rules! It is highlighted in the section under "Selling"


  • The Legendary Shop will be closing tomorrow! Be sure to get any last minute purchases in before they're all gone for the month! 
  • Eggster prompts will be closing officially on April 30th, at 11:59PM EST. This leaves 5 days to complete any prompts you might be working on! Please be sure to get them in before the timer runs out!


Thank you all so much for tuning in this week, we'll see you again next Sunday!

Daily energy downtime - fixed! (part 2)

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Hey everyone! Since the daily energy system has been broken for the past two days, you can click the link below to claim 2 free energy gummies to make up for the downtime!

Daily energy is now fixed and back! Hopefully the bug stays squashed this time! thanks for your patience! 

New feature! Pets

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We're happy to announce that familiars have left the item catagory and become their own catagory, PETS!

You've probably noticed that large "Pets" box sitting empty on your profile for some time now, but this section will be empty no longer!
All familiars have been turned into box items that you can open from your inventory to move them to the pets catagory. We ask that if you own any familiars, you do so ASAP! If you have any familiars attached to ranebopets, you will have to remove them from your pet and then add them back after converting them.

This update will not change how familiars work in the group, simply make it easier to organise them and attach them to ranebopets.

Craft & Explore Open!

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The Craft & Explore shop is now live! You can now get recipe keys to craft and use your energy to get travel tokens!

Eggs can be found through travel tokens, which allow you to search an area for items! The egghunt prompt is now the only prompt that gives eggs, it was only a temporary solution until we had the explores set up, so explores are the new way to get em!

Egg hunt #1 - HINTS

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The first egg hunt is live!

Eggs can be hidden anywhere on the site, except for Masterlist entries and Member's user profiles!
You are free to discuss egg locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

The first hunt Starts now and ends in Four hours at 12AM EST


Blue speckled: You're a long way from home
Purple Speckled: A sweet summer snack!
Yellow Speckled: This egg is looking into a mirror!
Blue Striped: A horrible crabby pet
Purple striped: Welcome to ranebopets!
Yellow striped: Hop to it kangaroo!

Important Rules & Limits update

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Hello! We've introduced some new rules to keep the game balanced. These have all been added to the Scoring & Standards guide and will remain there for your reference, but here is a rundown on what they are. If you have questions, feel free to ask below!

  1. Upper character limit for submissions
  2. Doodlepages submission Limits
  3. New Thumbnail rule
  4. New Character Definition Rule

1.Upper character limit for submissions

The scorable character limit for ANY submission is now maximum 50 characters (prompts, general art, background art, doodle pages, etc) "Characters" includes ranebopets, familiars, etc. Scorable meaning the first 50 characters count for currency, but the 51st character and above in a submission does not count for TC.

Reason: Sometimes members submit large pieces with characters that are too numerous to reasonably count. We've introduced this limit to keep it reasonable for processing purposes and to reduce mistake TC given.


2. Doodlepage submission limits
A doodle page is defined as a page of many drawings of characters with no background. (“characters” includes grown raneopets, hatchlings, and familiars) You can claim currency on up to 2 character doodlepages per month. If the page has over 10 characters, You must still provide a 2nd version of the doodlepage which is numbered for easier counting. The kinds of doodlepages are:

  • Same-character doodlepage | up to 20 characters each page. Same-character is a page of drawings with all same characters or many repeating characters with over 2+ repeats each.
  • Different-character doodlepage | up to 50 characters per page. A page of drawings that is mostly different characters with few repeat characters.

If you are someone that enjoys making massive doodle pages, you can still make them! However, there is a limit to how much TC you can earn on them per month.
Reason: We want to limit massive tc farming per user using character drawings - we still allow it to the limits above but we wanted to make sure there is a monthly cap. There are currently no limits on prompt submissions or general art with backgrounds, so long as the backgrounds are not recycled.

3. New thumbnail rules

Thumbnails are NOT the sketch of your drawing! If you submit just the pieces' sketch it will be rejected. In order for something to count as a thumbnail.....

  • If you're claiming thumbnail bonus, you must submit at least 2 different thumbnails with a piece. Thumbnails are for exploring options for your piece before you start, so you must have at least 2.
  • It must have a border of any shape. Rectangle, square, circle, a loose shape, etc.
  • It must have background elements.

Reason: We have many users submitting their piece's sketch for thumbnail TC, but unfortunately this is not what thumbnails are so we are rejecting a lot. We're hoping these rules can make clearer what a thumbnail is and is not.


4. New Character Definition/Abstraction rule
Character art being claimed for currency (including within doodle pages) must be well-defined and cannot be overly vague, loose, or abstract versions of themselves.

The example below is just a general guide to communicate the concept. Columns 1-3 in the example would generally count for currency, with 3 being the limit, but 4 would not count.

Character abstraction is a sliding scale and if we're stuck, we compare your submission to your other pieces of artwork to decide if it counts. Ultimately it comes down to the moderator's discression, the artist's work, and the context of the submission.

Reason: We've had a number of submissions with character drawings in them that we feel are too abstract to count as a fullbody character, so introduced this rule/definition.


Eggster + Gen. Art claims

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What time is it? It's EGGSTER! Welcome to our most jam-packed seasonal event yet! This event runs for all of april and introduces new features to the game, guest designs, egg hunts, and more!

Read about all the features and the event lore here!

Egg hunts are not live yet. Don't go looking for them yet!

Refresher on EC (Event currency) for new members!
- Only obtainable via the eggster prompts
- Cannot be traded/Transferred between users
- Will be cleared after the event ends

Additional announcement

Due to the increase of submissions we have been getting lately, we are putting general art claims on pause as we rework the system. We currently do not have an ETA on when they will be unpaused. You can still earn TC by doing prompts while general art is paused!

Writing submissions

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by Handhelld

Writing submissions have been re-opened!!

The way we score writing has changed slightly from before, so please give the scoring guide a look over before submitting any writing! 

Prompts that accept writing, now require 800 words as a minimum, with the exception of Multi-Part prompts like dragoon discovery and affinity prompts.

Additionally, the cookery writing prompt has been removed and replaced with the "Best baker" challenge prompt! Check it out here!

Cloventines' is here!

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Cloventines' is here, and it is a little different from last year! Cloventines' is now a mini event that uses TC instead of EC. We are planning an egg-hunt themed major event in april and downgraded cloventine's to make room, but there's still plenty of things to do!
There are a couple of prompts available for march, and you can access the Secret Seasonal shop if you have the Cloventines' badge. Get the badge by doing cloventines' prompts!

Cash Shop (has cloventines' items)
Cloventines' Prompts:
TC Shop:
End date, prompts & shop close: March 31st at 11:59pm, est

Volunteer Breedings

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If you would like to volunteer your ranebopets to be paired with for the breeding event, Comment below with a link to your ranebopets' ML entries! No hatchlings, and you can only volunteer rpets YOU own!

This does not give you a free baby. It just means someone can choose your pet to pair with theirs if they are getting a breed slot. The offspring produced will take inspiration & traits from the two parents involved in the breeding.