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[Closed] Feb Week 1 Adopts: Mantanix Hybrids

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I'm proud to present our very first hybrids for the month!! :D These Mantanix have a bunch of traits, some legendary! Payment plans are available. $10 supporters on Ko-Fi got to see these adopts early (and 10rc!) ! Every week I'll be posting new hybrid adopts so if you want early access, consider becoming a supporter!

If the same adopt is claimed by two people at the same timestamp, a lottery will be drawn between the two to determine who gets it.


February week 1
Current adopts:
 Mantabu x Nixten Hybrids

Prices in USD via paypal! Payment plans OK, $85 deposit & pay off rest before end of feb. 

1. Aloof Leopard $200 -CLOSED -  Legend Nix dragon whiskers, EC shedding: snow, Nix bushy tail & neck ruff, Mantabu XL wings & antennae

2. Sunny Python $185 - CLOSED - Shedding: Petals, Mantabu XL wings & antennae

3. Grumpy Dragon $215 - CLOSED - Nix scales, shark fin, imp tail, vampire teeth, Mantabu catfish whiskers, XL wings & antennae

[Open] BIPOC Guest Artist Adopt Batch!

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Hello everyone!! Hope you all are having a wonderful Pride Month. We have this lovely batch of Guest Designs from BIPOC members in our community. 100% of the profits will go to directly to their guest artist! This includes designs by:


FCFS, comment to claim

Grumpy Sunset - $50 - OPEN
Species: Sugarkit
Traits: XL Tail, Snix Paint, Sprout

Mischievous Sunrise - $100 - CLOSED
Species: Batnix
Traits: Living Part x2 (Snake Tail + Grabby Ears), Snix Paint, Eclipse Eyes, Snix Neck Ruff

Raspberry Ripple - $75 - OPEN
Species: Delta Irribask
Traits: Irri Horns, Small Raiment (Ring), Irri XL Tail, Irri Fingerless

Strawberry Yogurt - $80 - OPEN
Species: Sugarnix
Traits: Snix Spark, Pouch, Long Whiskers

Little Munchkin - $50 - OPEN
Species: Capip
Traits: Dream Affinity (Stars), Cloud Summon, Bioluminescence

Sunwave Tropicana - $100 - OPEN
Species: Dragoon Draphibi
Traits: Plant Affinity (Leaves), Draphibi Big Wings, Draphibi Long Tail, Shedding (Leaves)

[Open] Hybrid Feb Week 3 Adopts: OPEN

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Welcome to week #3 of february, this week we have Bettabo-draphibi Hybrids all inspired by different frog species.

$85 ea

1. Blue Dart OPEN

2. Green Bell - closed

3. Red Tomato OPEN

[Open] December week 2 adopts

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preview mode! comments open at 7.30pm EST!

Want to claim early next time? Join my ko-fi at $10+ tiers HERE!

December week 2
Current adopts:
Prices in USD via paypal!

1. Sherbert $65 - taken

2. Chipmunk $65 - Open

3. Melon $70 - taken



[Open] Hattowen Flatsale Adopts ROUND 2!

Posted 9 months ago :: Last edited 9 months ago by Joyful

Adopts are posted on deviantart HERE! 

These flatsales are in PREVIEW MODE until 9pm ET ( a half hour from now!)

Paypal USD only.

[Open] Sept Adopts week 3

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--Preview mode on! comments open 1h from now at 10.30pm EST!--

Want to early claim one next time? Early view & claim the weekly adopts on the
$10+ tiers HERE on my ko-fi!   

Current adopts: Draphibi $42 each

A - Murky Desert - CLOSED
B - Sky Clown (enchanted shedding)- OPEN
C - Alien Exploration (event antennae) Taken by Handhelld

[Open] October Week 1 Adopts

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Happy October! Hope everyone is enjoying Hattowen so far!!
Want to claim early next time and get goodies? Check out the $10+ tiers HERE on my ko-fi!   

Comments open at 12.30am est.

October, week 1 Current adopts: Draphibi $42 each

A - Blood Moon- vampire fangs-  taken

B - Slimy - bioluminesence - OPEN

C- Ghosty - will-o-wisp - taken