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[Open] Supporter Early claims

Posted 4 months ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by marshmu

Join my ko-fi to view these adopts via the $10+ tiers HERE on my ko-fi! 

FCFS! supporter comments/claiming opens at 8.30pm est.

Early claimers can claim ONE adopt per batch. If the same adopt is claimed by two people at the exact same timestamp, a lottery will be drawn between the two to determine who gets it.

December week 3
Current adopts:
draphibi hatchlings
Prices in USD via paypal!

1. Arcade $45
- EC Shedding

2. Carnation $45
- L earthtongue (sheds petals)

3. Gummi $45
-EC Bioluminesence 

[Open] December week 2 adopts

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by marshmu

preview mode! comments open at 7.30pm EST!

Want to claim early next time? Join my ko-fi at $10+ tiers HERE!

December week 2
Current adopts:
Prices in USD via paypal!

1. Sherbert $65 - taken

2. Chipmunk $65

3. Melon $70



[Open] Hattowen Flatsale Adopts ROUND 2!

Posted 2 months ago :: Last edited 2 months ago by Joyful

Adopts are posted on deviantart HERE! 

These flatsales are in PREVIEW MODE until 9pm ET ( a half hour from now!)

Paypal USD only.

[Closed] Weekly adopts october week 3

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by marshmu

Sorry for the late post but i hope you like these little guys regardless!
This is in PREVIEW mode and comments open at 8pm ET!

$46 ea via paypal
Irribask iota

A - taken
B -taken
C - Taken
D -taken
E - taken

[Open] Hattowen 2021 Guest Auctions

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by marshmu

These are being hosted on Deviantart! CLICK HERE

[Open] Sept Adopts week 3

Posted 4 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by Handhelld

--Preview mode on! comments open 1h from now at 10.30pm EST!--

Want to early claim one next time? Early view & claim the weekly adopts on the
$10+ tiers HERE on my ko-fi!   

Current adopts: Draphibi $42 each

A - Murky Desert - CLOSED
B - Sky Clown (enchanted shedding)- OPEN
C - Alien Exploration (event antennae) Taken by Handhelld

[Open] October Week 1 Adopts

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by Handhelld

Happy October! Hope everyone is enjoying Hattowen so far!!
Want to claim early next time and get goodies? Check out the $10+ tiers HERE on my ko-fi!   

Comments open at 12.30am est.

October, week 1 Current adopts: Draphibi $42 each

A - Blood Moon- vampire fangs-  taken

B - Slimy - bioluminesence - OPEN

C- Ghosty - will-o-wisp - taken

[Open] Weekly Adopts August week 3

Posted 5 months ago :: Last edited 4 months ago by Handhelld

(This post is in view only-mode until 7pm est!)

Week 3 of august, the cappi were all early claimed so I've added some draphibi hatchlings! All prices are in USD via paypal. comment to claim!
You can preview and early claim weekly designs by subscribe at the $10/mo or higher supporter tier! 

Draphibi hatchlings $45 usd

1 - Cafe CLAIMED
2 - Murmur CLAIMED
3 - It's hot


Cappi onbase --$65 usd (all claimed)

1 - Deepsea Temple
2 - Monet Dreams
3 - Miami Buzz


[Open] Weekly adopts sept week 2

Posted 4 months ago :: Last edited 4 months ago by marshmu

This week's adopts are OFFBASE Bokkudo! All unique art! (September week 1 adopts weren't posted, I will post it as catchup later this month!)

All open, comment to claim! (if an adopt is claimed twice in the same minute it will be randomly rolled between the two claimers!)


a - Flower fields - Adult (EC length antennae) -- $65

b- Berry Pop - hatchling -- $35

c - Mint Surprise - Common adult -- $65

d - Ocean Eyes - adult (UC blackout eyes, UC dragonfly tail) -- $65

Claimed - e-  Sleepy Spider - adult (Event Bokkudo Spider trait) -- $80 

[Open] Sunnyfest Guest Adopts: Shimmering Dunes

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by marshmu

Presenting the final guest design batch for Sunnyfest 2021! We hope you'll find a treasure in this batch ^^
18+ To purchase, Paypal & USD only, Comment to claim! 


Scorpion Treasure  - Bokkudo $75 - claimed
By Gizzle
L Bokkudo Scorpion tail
R Bokkudo Claws
R Bokkudo Metalic accents

Desert Explorer - Bunbii $65 - claimed
By Kyurikai
EC Eyecaps
Worker type
Glove arms/legs
Common ears
Common wings/solid
Medium tail Angora fur

Hidden Spring - Bettabo $65
By Gizzle
EC shedding - water droplets
UC Bettabo very long tail

Little Mermaid $70
By Handhelld
UC lop ears, UC neck ruff
Event mertail, Event shiny scales

Bone Oracle - Draphibi $75 - claimed
By Marshmu | Traits: Drybones