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[Closed] July - Hatchling RC adopts!

Posted 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 2 weeks ago by Handhelld


This month we've got some cute little summer themed hatchlings for Y'all! Each come with one trait!

NOTE: These adopts are one per person! You may not purchase more than one!! - if designs are still open after 24hrs you can purchase more!

You are free to mention a secondary pick in your comment since these might sell fast!! (ie: I'll buy Tropical touch, but if theyre closed I'll get Melted treat!)

Each design costs 45 RC

Fruity Float By Tempelina - Usaretam
- Enchanted Object Halo

Sherbet Splash By Navilovesyou - Wolfusmagius
Draphibi hatchling
- Event Fish tail

Shark ATTACK! By Navilovesyou - Inkcess
- Event Shark teeth

Fired up! By Tempelina - Memeathon
- Light Affinity

Suspicious Lemonade By Alphadargon- Shadowphoenix
Trabble Hatchling
- Event Slimy

Citrus Surprise By AlphaDargon- Kanaedemori
- Event Cosmic Aura

Tropic Touch By Joyful - mothcave
- Event Sprout

Melted Treat By Joyful - lost-ghoul
- Event Edible

Mdinight Sea By Handhelld- zombiegarou
Draphibi Hatchling
- Event Nudibranch Nubs

[Open] Sunnyfest Guest Adopts: Shimmering Dunes

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Presenting the final guest design batch for Sunnyfest 2021! We hope you'll find a treasure in this batch ^^
18+ To purchase, Paypal & USD only, Comment to claim! 


Scorpion Treasure  - Bokkudo $75 - claimed
By Gizzle
L Bokkudo Scorpion tail
R Bokkudo Claws
R Bokkudo Metalic accents

Desert Explorer - Bunbii $65 - claimed
By Kyurikai
EC Eyecaps
Worker type
Glove arms/legs
Common ears
Common wings/solid
Medium tail Angora fur

Hidden Spring - Bettabo $65
By Gizzle
EC shedding - water droplets
UC Bettabo very long tail

Little Mermaid $70
By Handhelld
UC lop ears, UC neck ruff
Event mertail, Event shiny scales

Bone Oracle - Draphibi $75 - claimed
By Marshmu | Traits: Drybones

[Closed] Sunnyfest 2021 Guest Adopts: Night Desert

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Full View | Presenting the very first batch of Sunnyfest guest adopts for this event! You must be over 18 to purchase, all sales are in USD via paypal.


Staff of the Sun by Kyurikai - Drajin  claimed

!! AB added!! Ends 6pm EST June 19th.

Bid here!

SB: $85
MI: $5
AB: $190

Enchanted Cobra Hood
Rare Metal Texture

Event Drybone (spines and plates)
Event Rattlesnake tail
Uncommon Wingless


FLATSALES----- Closed

Sand Serpent by Hero - Nix $70 claimed 
Rare fangs
Event drybone
Event rattlesnake tail
Legendary belly scaleplates
+ bone necklace accessory

Oasis by Kyurikai - Mantabu $65 claimed
UC Shaped antennae
UC Edged wings
Event Sea dragon tail and fins

Playful Piñata by Marshmu - Bettabo $70 - claimed
Event trait - Piñata

Skullphibi by Gizzle - Draphibi $65  claimed
Event trait - Drybones
Rare Draphibi scales

[Closed] Marble Gatcha: RPG Adventure

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by marshmu

PREVIEW MODE!! Claims & comments will open at 6pm EST on the 8th.

You can post your claim comment without your list (list of which species/traits etc you're getting) but you will not get a queue number until you post your list/total  (your position in the queue, ie. #3, #5, etc. earlier positions get to swap first and last in line doesn't get to swap) I recommend you write your claim comment with your list beforehand and copy/paste it in when the gatcha opens.

Marble gatcha FAQ


Woohoo it's time for another Marble Gatcha! These are semicustoms, Here's how it works! 

1. Tell me what you'd like (species+accessory options+trait options) and what your $ total would be. Up to 3 gatcha rolls per person, up to 2 trait tabs, and pick 1 accessory option.

2. I will send you a paypal link to pay!

3. Once paid I will show you the marble you got. You can swap ONCE with something in the swap centre. You do not have to swap immediately, but know that others will be swapping also. Swaps available until the last marble.

4. Once you’ve confirmed your marble, it's locked in! Completion time is 1-3 weeks as these are made to order. When finished you’ll get the fullres PNG and the masterlist entry!

dckv3zt-fa29f57b-fd3e-4ebc-9e61-9f2968c9c5ef.gif MARBLE SWAP

da1w97z-f617aed5-477f-4d56-9cbd-af00cda2064d.gif SPECIES GATCHA ROLLS
These are the species available for this wave. There will be TWO waves of 9. Each wave has different marbles and bases, but same species except the hatchling is different. All prices in USD via paypal! No payment plans. 


draphibi hatchling $45 usd
cappari $75 
nixten $75
drajin $75
bunbii $75
pterabble $100

d9hwp3m-bebb336f-9c3a-4187-b2ba-84e1a9e1f1b4.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzYwZWFkZTNhLWVjZjYtNDZiMS04ZGNkLTVjMTQ5OWNkNjIzOFwvZDlod3AzbS1iZWJiMzM2Zi05YzNhLTQxODctYjJiYS04NGUxYTllMWYxYjQucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.PEkDVE2P8sRgakJkqqJ7eKJXDdAiZoHs509pCZtALn4TRAIT TABS
Trait tabs give a random trait from the level you picked from the species' trait list, or the universal trait list for enchanted/legend level. You can request one to omit from the tier you picked (ie if you don't like bunbii swirly tail)

You can also use cash-bought traits from your inventory (but not ones that were obtained with tc/ec)

level 1 tab - $3 random uncommon trait

level 2 - $8 random rare trait

level 3 - $16 random enchanted trait, AND 2 random users per wave with this tab will get a legend trait


This gatcha comes with RPG themed accessories! (for cappari, this includes the correct accessory trait, ie. divine instrument)

none - $0

standard - $0 (list of the standard accessories visible in description here, each base has its own ie. nix=rogue blade & belt)

mini customize - +$10 customise the standard accessory (ie standard sword -> sword with a differently shaped blade or hilt)

extra customize +$25 custom weapon/accessory, can be different from the standard accessory, (ie. sword->bow & quiver) PLUS one wearable ie. hat/scarf/potion belt etc

[Closed] Guest Sales: Bompom Wood

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by marshmu

HELLO!! here we have some fantastic designs by Kyu and Hero! All prices are in USD via paypal. You must be over 18 to purchase! {View larger image}

closed: Dream Eater | Bokkudo | @kyu
SB: $85
MI: $5
AB: $185
End time: 24h after AB added

Beetle XL antennae 
Wing flair
Solid Chameleon Tail 
Eye caps 
Edible Gummy 
Dream affinity 
Nudibranch nubs

- Reply to the last highest bid
- DO NOT hide or retract your bids! contact us first if you need to retract. (This may count against your partcipation in auctions in future)


Designs by Handhelld
- comment to claim!

CLOSED: Chocolate Ladybug: $85 flatsale
- shaped antennae 
- edible: chocolate

CLOSED Messy Painter: $100 Now $85! Joyful
- paint 
- pouch 
- accessories: beret, uncommon collar

[Closed] Pterabble Duo flatsale

Posted 2 months ago :: Last edited 2 months ago by marshmu

Since the trabble pterawing spell was released this week in the tc/cash legend shop I felt like making some pterabbles!! All the art for these guys is offbase.

 flatcolor view

Sugar Rush $300 (closed, ultrarowlet, payment plan 130/300)
pterawing (L)
shedding (ec)
long fur, long tail (r)

Cosmic Drift $300 (closed, topazowl)
pterawing (L)
Bioluminescence (ec)
long fur, long tail (r)
trabble antennae (uc)

- must be over 18 to purchase
- payment via paypal

[Closed] Marshmu Customs Opening!

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 2 months ago by Joyful

Bunbii Hi all! Marshmu has officially opened their customs! These will remain open for the next 2 days and are NOT first come first served.

If you are interested in getting a custom, please have a look over the following links! 

Pricing information!

Google form!

Please read over the pricing information carefully, and then fill out your google form with the info requested! Marshmu will be in contact with you if they choose to take on your custom. 

[Closed] Guest sales: Islands of Adriff - TC adopts - AB added

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by Joyful


For this last batch of eggster adopts, we have some TC adopts by Gizzle!

CLOSED: Meadow | Auction | NaviLovesYou
SB: 60 tc
MI: 5 tc
AB: 100tc

- Shaped edge wings
- Chameleon patch (Back spots)
- Shaped Antennae
- Tail fins

CLOSED: Mushroom | Auction | CicerOrator
SB: 60 tc
MI: 5 tc
AB: 100tc

- Sprout

- Reply to the last highest bid
- DO NOT hide or retract your bids! contact us first if you need to retract. (This may count against your partcipation in auctions in future)


CLOSED: Sprout | Flatsale raffle (flaffle) | 45 TC - Tempelina

The flatsale raffle is free to enter, but the winner must pay the flatsale price if they win! The raffle will be rolled 48 hrs after comments open! (April 21st at around 6pm est)

Reply to this comment to enter the raffle

[Closed] Guest sales: Honeycrest

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by marshmu

Open: Fairy Ring | Drajin | by onioned (ab'd by sunflowyr)
SB: $85
MI: $5
AB: $250
bidding ends: 8pm april 19th EST

- Fin Wings
- Plant affinity
- Shaped tip tail
- Antlers

- Reply to the last highest bid
- DO NOT hide or retract your bids! contact us first if you need to retract. (This may count against your partcipation in auctions in future)


Designs by Gizzle

 Paint Splash | Bettabo | $55
- Magic paint

Angelic Sprout | Cappari | $55
- Sprout

[Closed] Wishcave Flatsales

Posted 4 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by marshmu

Hello and WELCOME to the wishcave flatsales! All babies are designed by me, Tessary. These are the unclaimed babies from the breed batches, and we have a number of hybrids available!


  • Prices are in USD via paypal. Comments open at 7pm New york time!
  • First come, first serve! comment to claim. No holds!
  • Adopts must be paid for within 5h of claiming.
  • You can claim up to 2 adopts within the first 24h, and can claim more once that 24h window passes.
  • You can claim for yourself or a friend but the limit on claims per person is still 2.
  • If there is no username next to the species name on the list below, it is open! If there is a username, someone has claimed it.

-------NONHYBRIDS all $65 ea

  1. Trabbowl - Athsmaadmiral
  2. Bakiri  - eccentricbirdie
  3. Mantabu - Navilovesyou
  4. Bakiri - tkettie

    ------HYBRIDS - All $85 ea
  5.  nixppari - Fafnir
  6. nixppari - Handhelld

  7. sugaphibi - tkettie
  8. sugaphibi - Joyful

  9. trabphibi - Navilovesyou
  10.  trabphibi - Armota

  11. capunbii - Kali
  12. capunbii - Shadowphoenix642
  13. capunbii - Solar-sam
  14. capunbii - Tempelina

(click on image to view larger)