Prompt Categories

Limited time

Limited time prompts! They can only be done during a certain timeframe, and may not come back again! 


  • Seasonal prompts
  • Monthly Prompts
  • Discord Speed Prompts

Challenge prompts

Challenge yourself with a range of fun art & writing prompts.

Casual Prompts

Take a break and have some fun with these silly prompts!

Hatchling Prompts

Just for hatchlings!

Familiar Prompts

Familiar prompts allow you to earn a familiar by doing prompts. You can also buy familiars in the shops.

Affinity Quests

Affinity quests grant your character special elemental powers and features. These quests contains four prompts—in order to complete the quest, you must create a response for each prompt, four pieces in total, that tell a story together.

Discovery Prompts

These prompts are used to upgrade your ranebopets!

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