[Open] prices reduced- BIPOC GA Adopt Batch

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Update -The prices of unsold adopts have been lowered!

Hello everyone!! Hope you all are having a wonderful Pride Month. We have this lovely batch of Guest Designs from BIPOC members in our community. 100% of the profits will go to directly to their guest artist! This includes designs by:


FCFS, comment to claim

Grumpy Sunset - $50  $25 - closed
Species: Sugarkit
Traits: XL Tail, Snix Paint, Sprout

Mischievous Sunrise - $100 - closed
Species: Batnix
Traits: Living Part x2 (Snake Tail + Grabby Ears), Snix Paint, Eclipse Eyes, Snix Neck Ruff

Raspberry Ripple - $75 - closed
Species: Delta Irribask
Traits: Irri Horns, Small Raiment (Ring), Irri XL Tail, Irri Fingerless

Strawberry Yogurt - $80  - $45- OPEN
Species: Sugarnix
Traits: Snix Spark, Pouch, Long Whiskers

Little Munchkin - $50 - $25- closed
Species: Capip
Traits: Dream Affinity (Stars), Cloud Summon, Bioluminescence

Sunwave Tropicana - $100  - $75 - OPEN
Species: Dragoon Draphibi
Traits: Plant Affinity (Leaves), Draphibi Big Wings, Draphibi Long Tail, Shedding (Leaves)



twosteptoucan Avatar

Could I take grumpy sunset?? :0

Edit: correcting myself on the name oops

2022-09-26 05:51:41 (Edited 2022-09-26 05:54:08)

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

yes you can! sent a dm.

2022-09-29 22:44:49

CrownedMane Avatar

Can I get little munchkin!

2022-09-25 22:08:57

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

of course! sent a dm.

2022-09-29 22:44:41

Danielle-chan Avatar

Can i get mischevious sunrise?

2022-06-14 21:43:26

StardustMinka Avatar

Absolutely! Please send the $100 to MinkasCommissions@gmail.com !! Let me know once it is sent and I will give you the file + upload the ML entry!

2022-06-14 22:07:35

Danielle-chan Avatar


2022-06-15 06:25:26

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