[Open] Marshmu Eggster Adopts

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Hellooo I'm here with some fresh designs! Hope you all had fun this eggster!

I have two eggster designs plus another design I forgot to post public! (Comment to claim)


DARING DAMSELFLY $100usd flatsale (offbase)

This bunbii is part of the eggster flight show hosted in Buzzdew! Their daring stunts and incredible acrobatics are sure to impress.

Notable Traits-

  • R Dragonfly wings & tail
  • EC Eyecaps


HERALD OF EGGSTER (offbase) flatsale $260 usd (offbase) SOLD lunebrookrunner

This cheery domini cappari makes their appearance around eggster and helps organise eggster celebrations. The egg at the end of their staff opens up to reveal a prism that can help flowers bloom with a mesmerising rainbow light.

Notable Traits

  • Domini Cappari
  • UC layered collar
  • UC spiky Wings
  • R divine instrument


I also have a capip I forgot to post public!

Smores Enjoyer $68usd





lunebrookrunner Avatar

hi marsh!! i can’t claim yet, but I was wondering for the future, are payment plans all right? I would have all the money at the time, I would just prefer to send in smaller installments! If not that’s fine too, thank you! All of these designs are so gorgeous

2023-04-26 21:26:36

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

tysm, glad you like em!! sent you a message on discord!

2023-04-26 22:45:37

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