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[Closed] Guest sales: Honeycrest

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Open: Fairy Ring | Drajin | by onioned (ab'd by sunflowyr)
SB: $85
MI: $5
AB: $250
bidding ends: 8pm april 19th EST

- Fin Wings
- Plant affinity
- Shaped tip tail
- Antlers

- Reply to the last highest bid
- DO NOT hide or retract your bids! contact us first if you need to retract. (This may count against your partcipation in auctions in future)


Designs by Gizzle

 Paint Splash | Bettabo | $55
- Magic paint

Angelic Sprout | Cappari | $55
- Sprout

[Closed] Wishcave Flatsales

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Hello and WELCOME to the wishcave flatsales! All babies are designed by me, Tessary. These are the unclaimed babies from the breed batches, and we have a number of hybrids available!


  • Prices are in USD via paypal. Comments open at 7pm New york time!
  • First come, first serve! comment to claim. No holds!
  • Adopts must be paid for within 5h of claiming.
  • You can claim up to 2 adopts within the first 24h, and can claim more once that 24h window passes.
  • You can claim for yourself or a friend but the limit on claims per person is still 2.
  • If there is no username next to the species name on the list below, it is open! If there is a username, someone has claimed it.

-------NONHYBRIDS all $65 ea

  1. Trabbowl - Athsmaadmiral
  2. Bakiri  - eccentricbirdie
  3. Mantabu - Navilovesyou
  4. Bakiri - tkettie

    ------HYBRIDS - All $85 ea
  5.  nixppari - Fafnir
  6. nixppari - Handhelld

  7. sugaphibi - tkettie
  8. sugaphibi - Joyful

  9. trabphibi - Navilovesyou
  10.  trabphibi - Armota

  11. capunbii - Kali
  12. capunbii - Shadowphoenix642
  13. capunbii - Solar-sam
  14. capunbii - Tempelina

(click on image to view larger)


[Closed] Cloventines Adopts

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Some fresh and Festive cloventines adopts by hero!

Sugarnix: Dandelion poff - $46
Trabble: Friendly Alien - $46
Sugarnix: Pockets full of clovies - $46
Nixten: Clover crush - $40
Draphibi: Friendly Frog - Will be revealed as the discord game night prize March 28th!

Comment to claim! Payment will be done Via paypal!

[Closed] Wishcave Breeding Event

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Bump!  Theres only 3 days left to enter the chance breeding slots raffle flatsale!


Please check the FAQ (bottom of this post) before asking a question.

This mini event has paid and free opportunities to get ranebopets babies! If you don’t enter into the paid semicustom event by tessary, you can still get limited baby MYO slots from the Halcidays shop (invisible unless you have the badge!) There's a lot available so here's an overview....

(all slots close 28th feb est)


TC / Free

  • Free Raffle for babies & prizes
  • TC baby MYO tickets in the Halcidays shop
  • Halcidays Prompts

$ Paid

Semicustoms by Tessary 

  • 4 Guaranteed slots 
  • 4 Paid Flatsale Raffle slots
  • Redraws & Rebases (coming soon)


Free Raffle

Winners pulled on Feb 28th EST!
Get raffle tickets from the Halcidays prompts to enter! Prizes.....

  • 1 custom breed slot by tessary
  • Premade Babies by tessary
  • Halcidays familiars & items

Please check the FAQ (bottom of this post) before asking a question.

Paid Batches

You can get a paid batch by yourself, or with a friend. These will all be designed by tessary and come on brand new baby bases revealed once babies start to release. Any designs you do not keep will be put up for flatsale to other users. 

About Pairing: Choose 2 ranebopets to pair.

  • The offspring will be of the parent's species with a chance of inheriting traits and a small chance of Hybrids. Get a Guaranteed slot to get Guaranteed hybrids, or wait for the baby flatsales afterwards.
  • You must own at least one of the ranebopets. Only Grown Characters - Hatchlings cannot be paired.
  • If you want to pair with a ranebopet you don't own, the owner of that ranebopet must reply to your comment confirming you have permission.
  • Instead, you can choose one of these volunteered ranebopets to pair with. Each of these volunteer pets will only be able to be paired with twice. Once two users have paired with it, it won't be available.
  • All purchased tessary-made ranebopets come with autogrow.
    You will recieve your babies within 1 week of ordering.

    Important: you pay for one baby, the batch is made, and you keep ONE baby! If you want the extra babies from the batch you get first dibs to choose them but you must pay for them.


 Solo VS Buddy Batches

Solo Batch

You pay for one character. The batch will have 3 babies. You pick one to keep, and get first dibs to purchase the other designs.

Buddy Batch

You and a friend both pay for one character each. One of you makes a claim/entering comment and your friend replies to your comment to confirm they're buddying with you. The batch will have 4 babies. each of you picks one to keep and gets first dibs to purchase the other designs. Be prepared to cooperate with each other, as you'll need to decide between yourselves who gets which baby.


Grown-up redraws & Rebases

Get tessary-drawn character art of your new ranebopet hatchling as an adult! These slots will become available after babies start to release, watch out for the announcement for slots & prices.

❤ SLOTS: Guaranteed Slots (closed)

4 slots available | New event bases | $pricing varies on your species choice

How it works: First come, first serve.

  • Guaranteed slots allow you to choose the species of the offspring - you can even pick hybrids!
  • Pick 1 species -  all offspring will be of that chosen species. (must be either 1 of the parents' species OR hybrid)

    You can claim a slot, and then edit your comment to include your ranebopet pairing and chosen offspring species.

Claim a Guaranteed Slot

❤ Slots: Chance Slots

Paid Flatsale Raffle | 4 slots available | New event bases | $45usd each via paypal 

How it works: 

  • All entrants names are put into a hat and 4 winners pulled. If you win, you pay $45 for a slot.
  • You get to pick 1 baby to keep, and have first dibs to purchase the other babies from the batch.
  • You don't get to pick the speices - The babies will be of one of the parent’s species, with a chance to pass down traits, and a small chance of hybrid babies.
  • You will recieve your babies within 1 week of ordering. 

Claim a Chance slot


FAQ (click)

When will I get my babies?

1 week or less from the day you order them!

Do the babies come with autogrow?
Yes, the tessary-made babies come with autogrow.

When is the free raffle rolled? 

Feb 28th!

Can I enter with a hatchling?

No, hatchlings cannot be paired for this event to produce babies nor enter the halciday prompts until they’re grown.

How can I get paid tessary-made babies?

1. Get a guaranteed slot, OR

2. Get a chance slot, OR

3. Wait till the premade baby flatsales release after the breedings start releasing to adopt one.

How can I get Free tessary or MYO babies?

You can enter the FREE raffle by doing the halcidays prompts - they give you 1 ticket each.
You can also get baby MYOS from the Halcidays shop (only viewable if you have the Halcidays badge! get this from the halcidays prompts)

Can I get multiple batches?

You can only get ONE chance slot, therefore you can ONLY get multiple batches if you also buy a guaranteed batch slot. Limit of 1 guaranteed and 1 chance slot per user.

Can I enter with a mixed species pairing?

Yes, you can!

Can I breed a ranebopet that is already a hybrid?

You can, but it will not guarantee hybrid babies- those are still random.

Can I choose what species the babies are and what traits they have?

If you get a guaranteed slot you can choose the species of one of the babies, but you cannot choose this in the flatsale raffle slots. For both chance & guaranteed slots, Traits are randomly inherited from the parents & cannot be chosen.

Will mixed species pairings give hybrid babies?

They have a small chance to give hybrid babies. Hybrids are guaranteed if you buy a guaranteed batch slot.

Can I enter with a friend and pair our ranebopets?

You and a friend can enter together with your paired ranebopets, yes! This is called a Buddy batch. It produces 4 babies.

What’s the  probability of getting a hybrid baby?

About one in six.

[Closed] Fallen Cappari Adopts

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[Closed] TC Flatsale raffle

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These ranebopets are being sold in a TC raffle! CLICK HERE for more info!

[Closed] TC Bettabo Adopts

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We're testing out something new, TC adopts! These bettabo were originally made for the traits sheet, but now its time for these fishies to find a home!

  1. No traits - jarre
  2. No traits - ZombieGarou
  3. No traits - AnimatedCritter
  4. 2+ Top fins -OrchidArcher
  5. Underbite - Andri
  6. Extra long fins - Cressie
  7. Transparent fins - AlphaDargon
  8. Clear body - Zirlia
  9. Doubled tail - Zirlia
  10. Eel - 30TC Baal
  11. Horns/Spines - Novatale

Comment below to claim!



[Closed] Capip Flatsale

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For the first time, Capip adopts! (baby cappari!) See which are open and nab one here!