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Chumbus! Winter Event

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Glofly Jar

Welcome to Ranebopets' long-awaited Winter event! Chumbus runs for the duration of December and there's new items, familiars and traits to collect! 

Read about the lore and more here : All About Chumbus

We've also added purchasable TC bundles in the cash shop! Chumbus items are in the EC shop and will be added to the Cash shop after the Black Friday Sale. Hope you have fun, and look forward to seeing you in the scavenger hunt (date to be announced!)
– Tessa

Chumbus Prompts | Chumbus EC shop | Cash Shop

Update - 10am est

There have been whispers of a hidden cave buried deep within the Frospine woods. This place is always concealed by blizzards, though some say if you search around... you may just find a map that leads you to this humble cave. Do you wish to begin your hunt?
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Chumbus Gift exchange!

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'Tis the season of giving!

Instead of doing a secret santa this year, we've decided to do a more open gift exchange prompt!

[ See the prompt here! ]

For this prompt, you will need to comment on this news post sharing some of your ranebopets you're comfortable with getting giftart of. Afterwards, you can choose a ranebopet a fellow user has posted below and draw them some giftart for the prompt!

While it is not garaunteed that others will draw your ranebopet, for every prompt submission, you will get a [Raffle ticket] and a [Gift bag] containing bonus EC or possibly an event item!

Please note that you cannot do this prompt with ranebopets not shared by users on this news post.
Submissions that do not include a ranebopet featured in the comments, will not be accepted! Please make sure to follow the rules listed on the prompt!

Hattowen Wrap-up

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Hattowen has come to a close, and we thank everyone for participating! Theres a few things to mention as we wrap up the festivities!

  • The Hattowen EC shop will close after November 4th.  Please make sure to spend all of your EC before the 5th as after that all of your remaining EC will be turned into TC!
  • If you have completed atleast 2 Hattowen prompts, you're eligable to claim the Hattowen badge! There is no deadline for claiming the badge. To claim it, please submit a general claim and link two of your hattowen submissions.
  • The new prompt scoring sytem that we tested using the hattowen prompts has been implemented across the whole site! All of our prompts are now being scored the same way, and some prompts have had their requirements change because of this! Please make sure to read through all of the info listed on the prompt before submitting a claim!

Giftart reminder

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Due to hattowen we've seen a lot of people adding others' ranebopets to their prompts! We encourage giftart but, please make sure to check a character's giftart status before including them in a prompt, as some users prefer not to have their characters drawn by others! You can check by going to a ranebopet's profile onsite, or by filtering it in the ML's advanced search options. We ask that if a character does not say Yes for giftart that you do not draw them without the owner's permission. 

If you would like to change your character's giftart status, to allow or disallow giftart, see this guide!

Hallogrove Passage

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Hey everyone! This is a reminder that theres only Six days remaining to enter the hallogrove passage raffle

The deadline is October 24th at 11:59PM!
3 winners will get 20EC + a wereform potion and 2 winners will get 10 EC and a Deepsea potion!

Don't forget to submit your entry before its too late!

Happy Hattowen!

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Happy Hattowen, It's Time to get spooky!

Hattowen is the longest night in late October, when the fabric between worlds is at its thinnest, and ghostlike visions of figures in other dimensions drift about. The people of Ranebo have unique customs to confuse & disorient these spectres in order to ward them away- they paint their homes with illusions & giant eyes, turn signs the wrong way, and dress up in frightening costumes!! This event starts October 1st and ends October31st, 12am EST.

To participate in Hattowen you must own a ranebopet! Hatchlings can participate, as well as adult ranebopets!


get the Hattowen badge

Do at least 2 Hattowen prompts to earn the Hattowen badge!

spend event currency

EC is given out for event prompts and activities. Use it to buy event-exclusive items in the EC shop!
Click here to visit the shop! ]

Earn some colorful familiars

The Ghoworm, Mothmin, and Phomish have returned, and this time with an RNG twist!



Invite Codes

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Important: to prevent mass/bot account registrations, registrations on now require an invite code!

Anyone can get a code. To get one, you can note the deviantart group and ask for one here: ranebopets deviantart group

Sunnyfest Finish!

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Pack up your umbrellas and beach balls, sunnyfest is officially over! 


Thank you all for participating in the event, we hope you had fun in the sun and out treasure seeking, but now it is time to pack up the Sunnyfest fun for the year.

While the prompt submission timeframe of the event is over,  the Sunnyfest EC shop will remain open until the 3rd sept 11:59 PM EST.

After this time frame, the Sunnyfest EC shop will close for the year, and any remaining EC will be converted into regular TC by mods (this may take a few days).

Its time for Sunnyfest!

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Welcome to sunnyfest!

 It's the perfect time to go on a summer adventure with your ranebopet - do prompts, race hermyte, fish for ubra, or go on a treasure hunt for the fabled Leviathan Chest! This event starts July 8th and ends August 31th, 12am EST.

To participate in Sunnyfest you must own a full grown ranebopet to do the prompts with! Hatchlings aren't eligible to be the main character in artwork!


Get the Sunnyfest Badge

Do at least 2 Sunnyfest prompts to earn the Sunnyfest badge!

Spend Event Currency

EC is given out for event prompts and activities. Use it to buy event-exclusive items in the EC shop!
[ Click here to visit the shop! ]

Earn Cute new familiars

With the new event, two new familiars have been discovered! 


[ For the full rundown of sunnyfest, click here! ]

Writing Update!

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Hello! Writing options have been added to General Prompts! Some prompts have writing alternatives, but there are also a handful of new writing-only prompts with new badges (images pending)! We hope you enjoy the additional options for participating, and we can't wait to read your stories!

We have also added writing options for Discovery Prompts!

Please note that anything that does not have writing requirements listed does not accept written entries! 

—The Writing Mods