12 Days of Chumbus Scavenger Hunt

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good day and happy holidays once again!

did you hear? some of the great chumbus's friends have gone and hidden some gifts for you to find!
Welcome to this year's Chumbus surprise!

We will be hosting a scavenger hunt that will begin tomorrow (December 19th)!

However, unlike our previous scavenger hunts, this one will run a little differently!

Every day, for the 12 Days of Chumbus, a new target will be added and hidden throughout the site, but they will not be removed the day after they're added! Instead, the targets will expire when the 12 days are over! This will give folks, who may miss a day because of the holidays, a chance to pick up these scavenger hunt rewards still.

However, this also means you will not be able to pick them up once the 12 days are over (December 31st) even if you find any targets you didn't find before.

The only days exempt from this "12-day" rule are the raffle days! On these days, you will only have 24 hours to find the target which will lead to a secret page that gives instructions on how to get a raffle ticket for that day's raffle. After 24 hours, the raffle will be pulled and folks will no longer be able to get the ticket!

Targets can be hidden on any page, EXCEPT for member profiles, Masterlist entries, or things like submissions. This means places like the Encyclopedia, Shops, prompts, etc are all valid hiding spots! You are free to discuss target locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

This news post will be updated every day of the 12 days to reflect which day of Chumbus targets have been added to the site! (And other additional info if needed)

Scavenger Hunt Page

Day 2 - OUT!
Day 3 - OUT!
Day 4 - OUT
Day 5 - OUT!
Day 7 - OUT!
Day 8 - OUT!
Day 9 - OUT!
Day 10 - OUT!
Day 11 - OUT!
Day 12 - MOD ADOPTS (no scavenger hunt target for this day!)

Click here for Scavenger Hunt Hints

Day 1 - Wanting to make another friend? You'll need to buy a special item!

Day 2 - I need a little help on how gallery submissions work…

Day 3 - You only get gifts if you’ve been a good Cappari this year!

Day 4 - Where you can go to ask questions outside of the Discord server.

Day 5 - I can be your angle or yuor devil

Day 6 - Look at my bright pink ticket!

Day 7 - I wonder what Ranebopets is about?

Day 8 - How do I craft this Hattowen accessory?

Day 9 - I just got a neat backpack badge! How did this sack get in here…

Day 10 - Looking at these drawings from fun events fill me with joy!

Day 11 - Let’s give some acknowledgments to the people who provide extras for Lorekeeper!


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