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Volunteer Breedings

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If you would like to volunteer your ranebopets to be paired with for the breeding event, Comment below with a link to your ranebopets' ML entries! No hatchlings, and you can only volunteer rpets YOU own!

This does not give you a free baby. It just means someone can choose your pet to pair with theirs if they are getting a breed slot. The offspring produced will take inspiration & traits from the two parents involved in the breeding. 

Welcome new members!

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The buppy balooza event is now over, and we've gotten so many new members in the past two days! I hope you all enjoy your time here in ranebopets! 

Joining a new group and learning all the systems and workings can be exhausting for anyone, so I've compiled a list of some need-to-knows for new members! 

You can find a compiled list of all of our user guides here!

All Ranebopets lore and species info can be found here!

Submitting prompts and claims [ See full guide]

  • When submitting any prompt or claim, you will need to add a scoring breakdown to the comments section of your claim! A scoring breakdown is essentially a list of what you're claiming tc on! Think of it as showing your work on a math assignment. So long as you make an attempt, you'll be fine! Mods will double check your breakdown and add or remove TC if theres any inaccuracies!
    • Heres an example!
      4tc - 2x Ranebopet fullbodies
      8tc - Lv2 Background
      12 tc total
  • Another thing you will need to do, is add on your claimed TC! If you're claiming 12tc on a drawing, you'll need to make sure you add it as a reward! If you forget, a mod will typically catch it and add it on to your claim for you!
  • You can't claim TC on the FIRST masterlist drawing of a MYO ranebopet, as this is part of the requirement to make them official! 

MYO tickets [See full guide]

  • MYO tickets can be purchased at any time from the [MYO shop]! To turn a MYO ticket into a usable MYO slot, find it in your inventory, click it and select "Use". Afterwards you can find it under "MYO slots" on the side of your profile!

Giftart [ see full guide ]

  • If you would like to edit the giftart status on your character..
    • Go to their Masterlist entry > Select edit profile > At the bottom, select a giftart setting from the dropdown!
  • If you find a character on the masterlist that you want to draw, make sure to check their public giftart status before drawing them! some users don't want giftart of their characters, so you'll need to respect their wishes!


If you have further questions... 

Comment below this news post
Ask a question in the #help channel on the Discord server (age 16+)
or Contact the Ranebopets Deviantart Group.

We hope you have fun here in ranebopets!!
- Hero

48h Mantabuppy MYO event

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Buppy Balooza is now on!

Get your very own free mantabu puppy! It's only on for 48h and buppies will not be readily available outside of the event, don't miss out!
>>All Info here! <<

Pouflons Final Migration

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As of this update (February 1st) all pouflons and vespires have been removed from the ranebopets site and settled into their new homes on . If you own a pouflon / vespire character or MYO slot, we urge you to make sure your Pouflons account is verified and to double check to make sure all of your characters / Items have been migrated successfully. If you find any sort of discrepency,  please contact the pouflons mod team to get it sorted out!

Additionally, if you happen to be in the posession of a pouflons specific item, please contact the pouflons mod team to get that item migrated to their site where it can be used. ( Don't know if your item is a pouflons item? check their description here to find out )

- Hero



Update: we've added more conversion options and changed how to request migrations/conversions.

Hi ranebopets community, I hope you’re having a safe holiday season!! This is an important announcement just for users with pouflons/vespires hosted on Ranebopets.

We’re in the final stages of the unmerge, and after January ends, Pouflons/vespires will be no longer hosted on ranebopets and they will not be able to be counted for TC in prompts. To be crystal clear, no one is losing their pouflon/vesp; we are just moving them solely to the play.pouflons site. Currently pippets are unaffected & staying in rpets inventories/character inventories. You can still migrate your pippets/inventory to play.pouflons.

I know it is an unexpected change, I deeply apologise for inconvenience caused and would like to offer users flexible options regarding this change:

✦ Keep your pouflon/vespire, migrated to play.pouflons

✦ Convert your pouflon/vespire to TC on ranebopets

✦ Convert your pouflon/vespire to ITEMS on ranebopets

✦ Migrate ITEMS or CURRENCY To or from ranebopets or pouflons

^^^Use this form to request one of the above:^^^

✦ Convert your pouflon/vespire to ANOTHER SPECIES on ranebopets. how to do it


We’d like to thank all users that enjoyed playing with their poufs on ranebopets and encourage you to give a try if you’d like to continue the adventure with your Pouf. We also want to ensure you that none of the other species will be leaving ranebopets; Just pouflons and vespires. If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask in #help, or leave a note in #suggestions in the ranebopets discord for suggestions. If you are looking to Trade your pouflon or vespire, we reccommend you advertise in the Poufs server.

All the Best, and thanks again for playing with your pouflons & vespires on Ranebo.

- Tessa

Chumbus 2020 Wrap up

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Happy new year everyone! 

Chumbus is officially over, and no more prompts or EC can be claimed! You all have until January 5th to spend your EC at either the [Chumbus shop] or [The Secret Chumbus] shop if you unlocked that! Both of these shops will close January 5th at 11:59pm EST, and all remaining EC will be turned into TC afterwards.

Additionally, please remember to submit a [claim] for the chumbus badge if you have not already! Just link 2 of your completed prompts in a general claim!


- Hero

Glofly Jar update

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Due to a mistake when coding the Glofly jar, The orange glofly was unobtainable.

This has now been fixed, but since we're so far into the event, we understand not everyone will be able to get a new batch of jars. To compensate, anyone can now submit a general claim to swap any other color of glofly for an orange one

[Submit a claim] with "Orange Glofly" in the url, add on any of your other colored gloflies, and request "Glofly (Orange)" as a reward!

- Hero


Farewell Pippets!

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ALL SEASONAL PIPPETS are now available in the shop, so if you missed out on them, now's your chance!

This is happening because after the 15th, all pouflons-based pippets will no longer be available to get in the ranebopets shops.

There will instead be ranebopet-based familiars (ie. flying hecks, noodlefish, etc & some new ones!) This JUST affects the shops! You'll keep all your pippets in your inventory, of course! 

All shop pippets have also been set to 12TC instead of 16TC to make them easier to get before they leave! Reminder that we have TC bundles in the cash shop if you need a boost!

(These are the pippets that are leaving. Luckolotl/ubra/hermyte are not leaving!)

Pippets Leaving

Chumbus! Winter Event

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Glofly Jar

Welcome to Ranebopets' long-awaited Winter event! Chumbus runs for the duration of December and there's new items, familiars and traits to collect! 

Read about the lore and more here : All About Chumbus

We've also added purchasable TC bundles in the cash shop! Chumbus items are in the EC shop and will be added to the Cash shop after the Black Friday Sale. Hope you have fun, and look forward to seeing you in the scavenger hunt (date to be announced!)
– Tessa

Chumbus Prompts | Chumbus EC shop | Cash Shop

Update - 10am est

There have been whispers of a hidden cave buried deep within the Frospine woods. This place is always concealed by blizzards, though some say if you search around... you may just find a map that leads you to this humble cave. Do you wish to begin your hunt?
[ Begin the hunt ]

Chumbus Gift exchange!

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'Tis the season of giving!

Instead of doing a secret santa this year, we've decided to do a more open gift exchange prompt!

[ See the prompt here! ]

For this prompt, you will need to comment on this news post sharing some of your ranebopets you're comfortable with getting giftart of. Afterwards, you can choose a ranebopet a fellow user has posted below and draw them some giftart for the prompt!

While it is not garaunteed that others will draw your ranebopet, for every prompt submission, you will get a [Raffle ticket] and a [Gift bag] containing bonus EC or possibly an event item!

Please note that you cannot do this prompt with ranebopets not shared by users on this news post.
Submissions that do not include a ranebopet featured in the comments, will not be accepted! Please make sure to follow the rules listed on the prompt!

Hattowen Wrap-up

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Hattowen has come to a close, and we thank everyone for participating! Theres a few things to mention as we wrap up the festivities!

  • The Hattowen EC shop will close after November 4th.  Please make sure to spend all of your EC before the 5th as after that all of your remaining EC will be turned into TC!
  • If you have completed atleast 2 Hattowen prompts, you're eligable to claim the Hattowen badge! There is no deadline for claiming the badge. To claim it, please submit a general claim and link two of your hattowen submissions.
  • The new prompt scoring sytem that we tested using the hattowen prompts has been implemented across the whole site! All of our prompts are now being scored the same way, and some prompts have had their requirements change because of this! Please make sure to read through all of the info listed on the prompt before submitting a claim!