Eggster + Gen. Art claims

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What time is it? It's EGGSTER! Welcome to our most jam-packed seasonal event yet! This event runs for all of april and introduces new features to the game, guest designs, egg hunts, and more!

Read about all the features and the event lore here!

Egg hunts are not live yet. Don't go looking for them yet!

Refresher on EC (Event currency) for new members!
- Only obtainable via the eggster prompts
- Cannot be traded/Transferred between users
- Will be cleared after the event ends

Additional announcement

Due to the increase of submissions we have been getting lately, we are putting general art claims on pause as we rework the system. We currently do not have an ETA on when they will be unpaused. You can still earn TC by doing prompts while general art is paused!


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