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The buppy balooza event is now over, and we've gotten so many new members in the past two days! I hope you all enjoy your time here in ranebopets! 

Joining a new group and learning all the systems and workings can be exhausting for anyone, so I've compiled a list of some need-to-knows for new members! 

You can find a compiled list of all of our user guides here!

All Ranebopets lore and species info can be found here!

Submitting prompts and claims [ See full guide]

  • When submitting any prompt or claim, you will need to add a scoring breakdown to the comments section of your claim! A scoring breakdown is essentially a list of what you're claiming tc on! Think of it as showing your work on a math assignment. So long as you make an attempt, you'll be fine! Mods will double check your breakdown and add or remove TC if theres any inaccuracies!
    • Heres an example!
      4tc - 2x Ranebopet fullbodies
      8tc - Lv2 Background
      12 tc total
  • Another thing you will need to do, is add on your claimed TC! If you're claiming 12tc on a drawing, you'll need to make sure you add it as a reward! If you forget, a mod will typically catch it and add it on to your claim for you!
  • You can't claim TC on the FIRST masterlist drawing of a MYO ranebopet, as this is part of the requirement to make them official! 

MYO tickets [See full guide]

  • MYO tickets can be purchased at any time from the [MYO shop]! To turn a MYO ticket into a usable MYO slot, find it in your inventory, click it and select "Use". Afterwards you can find it under "MYO slots" on the side of your profile!

Giftart [ see full guide ]

  • If you would like to edit the giftart status on your character..
    • Go to their Masterlist entry > Select edit profile > At the bottom, select a giftart setting from the dropdown!
  • If you find a character on the masterlist that you want to draw, make sure to check their public giftart status before drawing them! some users don't want giftart of their characters, so you'll need to respect their wishes!


If you have further questions... 

Comment below this news post
Ask a question in the #help channel on the Discord server (age 16+)
or Contact the Ranebopets Deviantart Group.

We hope you have fun here in ranebopets!!
- Hero


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