Egg hunt #1 - HINTS

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The first egg hunt is live!

Eggs can be hidden anywhere on the site, except for Masterlist entries and Member's user profiles!
You are free to discuss egg locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

The first hunt Starts now and ends in Four hours at 12AM EST


Blue speckled: You're a long way from home
Purple Speckled: A sweet summer snack!
Yellow Speckled: This egg is looking into a mirror!
Blue Striped: A horrible crabby pet
Purple striped: Welcome to ranebopets!
Yellow striped: Hop to it kangaroo!



ozzie20 Avatar

do you know what the eggs will look like when you find them
like is it a png in a random place or is it in text?

2021-04-04 20:40:17

Handhelld Avatar

You will see the egg image in the middle of a page!
These images -

2021-04-04 20:42:00

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