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Eggster 2022 Egg Hunt Week 1!

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Peek at ueggeggeggeggegg290-image.pngegg

The first egg hunt for 2022 is now live!

Eggs can be hidden anywhere on the site, except for Masterlist entries, individual gallery images,  and Member's user profiles!
You are free to discuss egg locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

To view this scavenger hunt and see your progress, click here!

The hunt will last a full 24 hours, meaning there's plenty of time to find the eggs! There's a total of five to get, so be sure to look everywhere for them!

Egg 1
Hmm, I wonder how rare these eggs are?

Egg 2
Wait, why is that tree walking?

Egg 3
You'll get directed to this page if you forget something in your submissions!

Egg 4
Take a trip back to 2021 

Egg 5
Don't forget to take a look at everyone's beautiful art while hunting around!

Peek at ueggeggeggeggegg290-image.pngegg

Welcome to Eggster 2022!

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Get hopping, Eggster 2022 is HERE!! This year we have an egg-citing roster of egg hunts, new familiars to collect, surprise egg guest adopts, and more!

Chester is back to steal wishcave eggs, but this time with backup - He’s discovered how to turn familiars into entranced magic paint minions, so now there’s a ton of inky critters running around wreaking havoc. Team up with Maika, the wishcave spunbii to find those missing eggs and clean off those poor critters! Critter Cleanup prompt launches on the 7th.


And don't forget, if you do at least 2 prompts you can turn in a claim for the Eggster badge!


Drajin MYO Approvals are back open!

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Drajin myo approvals are now open again!
Drajin had loose design rules, and it resulted in many design submissions that didn't look like the species, so we've updated their guidelines. Here is a summary of the changes- PLEASE read the new "design rules" guide section before making comments or suggestions as the guide has more in-depth info and images! 
-must have horns & ears
-must be quadrupedal, not bipedal
-new face, tail, and build guidelines
-can't re-use art from other species for the drajin's ML art
-drajin fish fin wings retired, replaced by event fairy wing and leviathan
-hooves & talons 2 legs max, can't have both traits simultaneously
-hornless & beak retired
As usual we are not requiring ANY approved designs on the ML to have any changes made to them! Their traits will be grandfathered in, ie. hornless trait will be marked as retired and fin wing will be changed to fairy wing. Any drajin currently in queue will be subject to the new rules! 

Drajin Approvals are Paused [Edit]

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[EDIT:] This has been extended another week due to personal things coming up for Marsh! We are sorry for the inconvinence!

Hey guys as a heads up, we are putting all Drajin MYO submissions and Design updates on pause for the next week as we work through some updated design rules! Any Drajins currently in the queue will be held there and subject to the new rules! If you would like your submission cancelled let us know in the comments of this news post!

Prompt Overhaul

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Ranebopets Prompt Overhaul!

Heya ranebofam we've got a HUGE update for y'all! We've been working  on this update for awhile and we're exclited to reveal it!
This update includes several new year-round prompts, Some changes to existing prompts, seaonal prompts that cycle in and out, as well as a farewell to some old prompts!

Catagory Changes

Our prompt list has been condensed and reorganised a bit!

Mini events Prompts has been renamed to "Limited Time Prompts"
Eggster, Sunnyfest, Hattowen, and Chumbus folders have been condensed into one folder "Major Event Prompts"
A new catagory has been released "Casual Prompts". This catagory contains year round prompts that are just fun ideas for drawing your ranebopets!

Changes to existing Prompts

The following prompts have recieved major or minor edits!

Style Chameleon
This prompt now requires only four fullbodies, as opposed to the previous Six!

Instead of a moodboard, you now have the option to do 3 thumbnails instead!

Sloppy Prompt
Sloppy has been updated with a bunch of new methods for creating messy art! Have a look over the updated prompt to see what you can do!

Best Baker -> All You Can Eat!
This prompt has been completely revised! The prompt has been moved to the casual prompts section and now focuses on food inspired drawings rather than recipes!

Brand new Prompts

Not only new prompts, but new types! Every season we will be releasing three special prompts that only last for three months! These are small for-fun casual prompts to complete and you wont know what they are until the season arrives!

Theres also some new permanant prompts too! Here's a list, but be sure to explore the prompts tab to learn more about them.
Glow up
Jammin' Out
Happy Snaps
What's in your Bag
Best Bud

Retired Prompts

Their time has unfortunately passed! With so many new prompts coming in, we decided it was time to say goodbye to some old prompts that either lost their function when we moved off Deviantart in 2020, or prompts that simply didn't see much use. There is a chance these prompts may return. but no garauntee.

Troubble discovery
Enchanted Discovery
Drajin discovery
Mantabu discovery
Shapeshift discovery
Leaving home

Wording updates

All prompts that previously said TC should now say RC! We have gone through all prompts, but please do inform us if you happen to find a prompt still stating TC as the currency reward.

Additionally, all challenge prompts and casual prompts now give a small RC bonus to incentivise doing prompts! These bonuses may be adjusted in the future for balance! 

Site Updates Feb. 15th 2022

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We've got a small update for yall!!

We've completely overhauled our FAQ and Scoring guides!
Please give the FAQ a read-over before asking any questions in the future! FAQ

We've also updated the guides masterpage so its a bit easier to digest! Some old guides have also been removed

From now on when submitting any claim, you are required to add your RC to the rewards section. We've been leniant on this in the past, but its becoming far too frequent that users are forgetting to add this or choosing not to! If a submission does not have the RC in the rewards section it will be rejected.

Halcidays 2022 is here!

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Welcome to Halcidays! What started as a holiday for cappari to celebrate Halcyon became a ranebo-wide event to celebrate love in all its forms. Here’s what you can do during this month….

We've introduced TWO new babies to the hatchling lineup, Sugarkits and Bukki! These are Sugarnix and Bakiri babies. They are cash-shop exclusives and will be available till the 5th march! They will also be available as offspring for the wishcaves event and these are their bases.

Hiatus End // Queue update

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Handhelld

Heya everyone! The hiatus is now over and the queues will be reopened shortly!

We know some of y'all may've gotten a lot of art done over the past three weeks, so to prevent the queue from getting immediately overrun with submissions, we ask that for the next week please limit yourself to submitting only three submissions to any queue per day. This is for all queues, meaning you can submit 1 myo and 2 prompts, but not 2 myos and 2 prompts (As that would be 4 total)! 

Please be respectful of this rule for the week and welcome back ranebofam!

- Hero


Update 1/10/22

Some people were asking, and yes the 3 submission daily limit has been lifted, as its been a week! Though the rule is gone, please do be courteous and try not to spam the queues regardless!

New Familiar: the Fliff!

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Introducing…..the Fliff!

“This feathery, docile creature is a creation of the cappari, and is a popular pet for cappari children due to its extremely tolerant nature.”

This is a seasonal familiar that will make an appearance during chumbus and halcidays. 

Obtain in december via…

  • Blue, Pink, Yellow - Fliff capsule in Chumbus shop, then familiar shop after the 11th
  • Wild - December Supporter boxes, small chance in capsule
  • Golden - Cash shop, small chance in capsule
  • Snowy - Cash shop (only available during december)

As a bonus for december, all supporter boxes and $10+ tiers on the supporter ko-fi will come with a fliff capsule. 

If you're looking for a gift for a ranebo-playing friend, The supporter boxes make a nice gift box with this bonus inside! Merry chumbus and may your rolls be blessed!

Merry chumbus!

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237-image.pngMerry CHumbus! 237-image.png

Unlike last year, Chumbus 2021 is a much smaller affair. Everyone's rather busy during this season, staff included, so the event has been heavily downsized!
Chumbus will run from now until December 11th!
On the 12th, the shop will be closed, the raffle rolled and the mods will go on a hiatus for the rest of december!

Click here to check out the Chumbus Seaonal shop
(closes Dec 11th)

Click here to check out the Gift giving prompt!
This prompt will not award RC but instead will give you a raffle ticket, a goodie bag with fun items, and the chumbus badge!

The raffle tickets given by the prompt will give you a chance to win this Yule Log Sugarnix by Jarre!
You may only submit 3 prompt entries!
Anyone found with more than 3 submissions will have their additional raffle tickets and prizes revoked.