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Hattowen Update #1

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Jack-O-Lantern PotionHattowen Update #1


Its the 3rd of October and we've got our first wave of hattowen updates for yall!

First things first, we've decided that (atleast for this Hattowen) we will not be using Event Energy! It was a bit confusing during Sunnyfest, so if all goes well, we may be removing it in its entirety!
(If you have any Event energy left over from sunnyfest, send a message in the discord #help channel and a mod can get that converted to normal enegry for you! If you're not a member of our discord, Submit a general claim and ask to have it transferred!)

Secondly, the Hallogrove explore token has been released in the DIY + EXPLORE shop!
The Hallogrove Explore Token drops 3 hattowen exclusive crafting materials and a chance at a random hattowen familiar!
The recipes you can use these materials in will be dropped on the 6th. These recipes will include 3 new collectable accessories, one new familiar, three potions, and a recipe for the Mothmin Lantern!

The hattowen Cash shop will also be released on the 6th as well, containing all the hattowen items in the EC shop as well as some new ones and ones you may find missing!

Lastyly, we have a small note from the RRA for yall!

Dear R.R.A. applicants,

It has come to our attention that there has been a sli೧ູఠీੂ ඊູཀ ꐑght mix up with the dates sent out in your acceptance letters.

We sincerely apologise for any confusion caused by this. The proper date wఠీੂ೧ູ࿃ूੂ will be Wednesday, October 6, 2021 11:59 PM | in 4 days .

Thank you all for your applications thus far. As an apolog೧ູఠీੂ࿃ूੂyyyy for this mistake, application submissions will remain open until the above time as well.

Best regards,

೧ູ≢)ꐑʅ(Ɵↂↂ. l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡| ̲̲͡ π̲̲͡.̸̸̨ ఠీੂ)༼ू༈೧ູew lifeforms,ଳծູɵੂ≢ↂ. l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̴̡.̸̸̨.

-Ranebo Research Alliance

Hattowen Event 2021: Commence!

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Jack-O-Lantern Potion HAPPY HATTOWEN!! it's time to get YOUR SPOOK ON!! 


Hello Ranebofam! There's a chill in the Autumn air, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes wafting around, and a shiver runs down your spine... It’s finally here… the event you’ve all been waiting for; it's October and the start of our beloved event, Hattowen!


Click here for all the info on the Hattowen event!

And here for all prompt info!


Ghoworm: PinkGhoworm: Green!Ghoworm: Orange!Ghoworm: Blue!Ghoworm: White!Ghoworm: Purple!

There are a few NEW things this year including updated Ghoworm familar art, art for MORT the Bakiri NPC, and a staggered release schedule for the other exciting things we have planned! (Hattowen familiars? Research drops? Watch this space!)

Plus, keep an eye on your Ranebo inbox if you applied as an RRA intern!


Here’s our release schedule for this event! We'll keep you posted if anything changes!

Don't forget! ALL the weekly adopts will be posted early for SUPPORTERS two full days before and will ALL be halloween themed, so join one of the $10+ membership tiers for that and other goodies if you don't want to miss out!

Hattowen event 2021 release calender

MAKE SURE you clear your browser's cache in order to see the new art here on!


ᴛʀ̶ɪ̸ᴄ̷*̡̡ᴋ̸ ̸ ᴏ̴ʀ̸ ̵ ᴛᴴʀ̸ᴇ̷ᴀ̷ᴛ̷ ?

೧ູ≢)ꐑʅ(Ɵↂↂ. l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡| ̲̲͡ π̲̲͡͡.̸̸̨̨ ఠీੂ)༼ू༈೧ູew lifeforms,ଳծູɵੂ≢ↂ. l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡.̸̸̨̨. 
✧✧✧✧l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡unknown wheı̴̴̡th ̡̡͡| ̲̲͡ π✧ ✧ළඕั࿃ूੂ࿃ूੂ   .l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡ *̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡| ̲̲͡ π̲̲͡͡.̸̸̨̨









This event starts October 1st and ends October 31st, 11:59Pm EST.

Weekly Roundup #13

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choccy.... milk....?

You recieve an official-looking letter in the mail. Strangely, parts of the letter seem to be corrupted, despite being analog. The letter reads:

Dear Citizen,

Due to the recent disturbances and unusual sightings across Ranebo, The Ranebo Research Alliance (R.R.A) needs your help and is s೧ູ࿃earching for interns of any species to take part in field research in your local area and beyond. There may be risks associated with೧ູ࿃ू the position, which i n c  lude  ఠీੂ೧ູ࿃ूੂ, bodily harm, missin g ೧ູl imb࿃ूੂSs, smoki ೧࿃ूੂng , ༽u̴͙͈͊́u̵̺͎̺̾̃͜bl ̷̨͊̍̑͝s̴̹̦͉̮͑ͅj̶̦̦͐s̶̝͚̖͐̎̍͒)ྀ◞ [೧ູఠీੂ ඊູཀ ꐑ​(​ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡​(​ƟӨ​)​ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ text illegible]

Should your application be successful, on October 1st you will receive a letter with your assignment and contact information for your assigned Field leader. This letter may contain sensitive information that must not be shared with others.

Please fill out this brief application and return to೧ູఠీੂʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡y by the second of October.

Click here to read the full prompt info.

Hattowen will commence on the first of October, 2021. Please be prepared. 

Sticks and rocks have been removed from the explore shop, bug nets have taken their place.

W̔̌͒E̊͋͊ ̘͂̃A̓̎̂Ȓ̈́͝E͐͊͘ ͇̋C̣͛O͆̍̚M͑͘͡I͒͆̇N͆̅͘G̜̈́ ͔̑

Hope to see you there.


Weekly Roundup #12

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There's not much to announce for this week, however we do have one announcement!

The legendary shop is now opened!

This will remain open for the next week, and will close next Sunday, August 29th at 6PM EST! Be sure to grab your items before the shop closes!

Weekly Roundup #11

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Hey all!

We've had quite a few updates this week, so let's get into the news!


Noodlefish (void)Hatchling BadgeUbra (void)

Upcoming events

  • From now on, there will be weekly adopts. These will be posted on Mondays at 7pm EST! Please keep an eye on the sales tab for these in the future! Each set will be revealed one hour before claims open!
  • Monthly raffles are back! You can find the prompt for this under this tab! Please note you can only get one ticket per submission, with up to two submissions!

Bugfixes/Minor Changes

  • We have implemented a new 1 week trade cooldown on all ranebopets. This will not apply to any ranebopets right now, but will apply to any future trades.
    • This also applies to all MYO made designs as well. So you cannot trade a design for one week after theyre approved!
  • Spider potion is now unusable on Bunbiis! This is simply to prevent pseudo Spunbiis being created!
  • Ubra (deep) has been changed to Ubra (void) This is to fit into the Void series of collectible familiars.
    • In addition to this, a new noodlefish variant has been spotted! They can be obtained via supporting Marsh's ko-fi! More info about this can be foundhere!Please DM Marsh on ko-fi with your ranebopets username if you decide to support!
  • Trabble have obtained a new trait, Avian Tail! This is an enchanted trait. More info about it can be seen here.

Major update!

  • The three hatchling growth prompts have now been consolidated into one! If you've been looking for the hatchling growth prompt, it can be found here. All details can be seen on the prompt, so please be sure to read carefully! 

Weekly Roundup #10

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It's been a little while!

Weekly roundups went on a little bit of a hiatus there for a bit, but we're back with one thats a little bit early to catch up on the past few weeks and get y'all ready for next week!

Upcoming events...

  • The July Legendary Shop will be releasing at 6pm EST on Sunday July 18th! 
  • There are currently No plans for any major or minor events to occur during July -September. So take a load off and relax before Hattowen returns in October!

Bugfixes + Minor changes

  • Alien Debris have been updated to give 3 Normal energy instead of 3 Event energy
  • The Flower crown recipe has been added to the DIY shop!
  • The trait list needed to turn a Trabble into a Pterabble has been added to the Pterawings trait
  • The daily energy now gives the appropriate 15 energy, instead of 10 energy!
  • added "cappari ascended tail" trait, Ascended cappari do not usually have tails but this trait allows them to have it! 

That's all we have for this week! Stay Gnarly everyone ?

Weekly Roundup #9

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Sunnyfest is almost over!

That's right! The month is almost over, can you believe it? We've had wonderful submissions this month, and we hope you've enjoyed the event so far! 

A new clue!

  • If you're still struggling to find Chapter 3 of the Abyss questline, a new hint has been added to Chapter 2! Chapter 3, along with all of the other Sunnyfest prompts will be leaving us at 11:59PM on the 30th, so be sure to get any last minute prompt submissions in! 

An update!

  • Animation Scoring has been reworked! You can see these changes on the Scoring Page here! The new section is highlighted in blue to make it easier to see! 

That's all we have for this week, thank you for catching some desert heat waves with us! ;)

Weekly Roundup #8

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Time for some updates!

There wasn't much happening last week, and I was away, but we're back now and ready to get rocking!

Yellow UbraShark PotionHermyte

Small reminders

  • Crustracin' Sunnyfest prompt will be ending on the 24th of June, at 11:59PM EST! Please be sure to get any entries in before this time! We will be rolling the winners sometime during the day on the 25th.
  • Chapter 3 of the Final Abyss questline is now live! Chapter 2 will get an updated hint on the 25th if you're having troubles finding the Chapter 3 page! On top of this, Chapter 1 has been given a hint if you're still stuck finding Chapter 2. 
  • Sunnyfest will be ending on the 30th of June, at 11:59PM EST! This leaves just about ten days left to get your prompts done! The shop will remain open until the 5th.

Minor updates/bugfixes

  • Shark Potion's  description has been updated to be less confusing! 
    • There is no longer a random "or" between two of the traits, as all traits are able to be applied with one spell!
  • Draphibi Large Horn's description has been updated to exclude antler horns! Antler horns have never been an option with this trait, but having the clarification is always a good thing!

Legendary Shop

  • While we know users love having the monthly Legend shop, we have opted for not releasing one this month! This is due to how much activity Sunnyfest has going on, as we don't want to cause burnout within the community. The Legend shop will be returning next month, however, so keep your eyes out for that!

Hope to see you all again for next week's update!

Weekly Roundup #7

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Hey all!

We hope you're enjoying Sunnyfest so far! We've got a few things to announce this week, but I promise it's short!


Bugfixes, Balancing, and a clarification

  • The Daily Event Energy page currently has a typo on it! We will be getting this fixed as soon as we can! If you've been wondering why you're getting 15 EE instead of 10, 15 is the correct number! 
  • Explores have been bumped to cost 10 energy. This change is to make things more evenly spread out number wise.
  • The Bug Net recipe has been reworked, and now only requries 3 sticks to craft! This wil still take 5 energy as well!

Some exciting news...

Marble Gatcha

There will be a new gatcha up in the next few days! Please keep an eye on the Sales Page for more info! (must be 18 or over to purchase)

Welcome to Sunnyfest!

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Ranebo Map
✦ Welcome to Sunnyfest! ✦

Sunnyfest 2020 was a beach party palooza, but this year we’re moving away from the coast and all the way to the exotic Irre desert!

The Irre desert is located within the northern riftlands and is known for its beautiful sandy dunes and sweltering heat. The eccentric people of hotte claim to see strange monsters drift through the desert from Labrynthe, but those are probably just mirages!

Complete Prompts


This event features seven new prompts to complete! Will you go hunting for cryptids, catch some familiars, or maybe send a post card to a friend?

After completing 2 Sunnyfest prompts, remember to claim the sunnyfest badge!

View the prompts!


Explore + Craft


With this event, comes two new places for you to explore! Travel tokens for Karramesh and Labrinthe can be purchased in the Sunnyfest shop  for Event energy!

There are also Seven new crafting recipes to collect!

Collect Event Energy!


Solve a mystery?


The Irre desert is home to the Labrinthe, a wasteland full of danger. Otherworldly beings can cross through the inter-dimensional tears found in the Labrinthe.  It's a place that may be worth investigating...

M̴̼̋e̷̩͋ẻ̸̳t̶̻̏ ̵̖̆i̸̢͛n̶̟͑ ̶̞͂t̸͙̾h̴̤̃ë̵̩́ ̵͇̋F̶͉̔ị̷͊n̵͖̒a̶̡̽l̷̫̎ ̷̲͗Á̷͉b̵̛͙y̴̟͝s̸͉͗s̴̓͜.̴̡͝.̶͒͜.̴͙̈́



More Info!

With such a large event, we have nome new event mechanics to touch on and refresh your memory on the old ones!

  • New! Event energy: Event energy is a type of energy used exclusively during events. You will be able to claim Event energy instead of normal energy from the daily reward! Here is a run down of what Event energy can be used for during sunnyfest! 
    • Purchasing travel tokens: For the duration of the event, all travel tokens will be purchasable with Event Energy. [ Buy them here!
      • Travel tokens that are obtainable year round (Adriff, Honeycrest, and Karramesh) are still purchasable with Normal Energy! 
    • Event Crafting: Certain recipes will require Event energy as an ingredient! These recipes are: Alien Potion, Suspicious Substance, Leviathan potion, and Ubra trap.
    • Conversions: You can convert Event Energy into Normal Energy by purchasing an Energy gummy from the sunnyfest shop for 10 EE
    • Event energy will not be wiped after an event ends!
  • Event Currency Refresher. 
    • Event currency (EC) is only obtainable from completing the sunnyfest prompts during the event! These prompts do not award TC, but only EC!
    • EC is not tradable between users. You must earn your own EC during the event!
    • At the end of the event, you will have to either spend your EC or convert it to TC before the shop closes! Any remaining EC will be wiped your bank! (The shop will close on July 7th 11:59pm)