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Sunnyfest Banner

✦ Welcome to Sunnyfest! ✦

Sunnyfest 2022!  Returning from the Irre desert, we're now back in full force within the beaches of the Southern Isles for a massive ocean side party palooza!

Complete Prompts


This event has seven prompts to complete! Will you catch some familiars, send a post card home, or maybe join the fight against the kaiju invasion?

After completing 2 Sunnyfest prompts, remember to claim the sunnyfest badge!

View the prompts!


Explore + Craft


With this event, comes two new places for you to explore with two new event tokens, Tarza and Deep Sea, brought from the Explore Shop using energy!


Collect Your Daily Energy!




Using the EC you gain from your event prompt completions, head on over to the limited time Sunnyfest event shop, filled with event trait spells and potions galore!

Come Explore The Shop!

More Info!

With such a large event, we have some new event mechanics to touch on and refresh your memory on the old ones!

  • Energy: Energy is a type of currency you can claim all year round, but comes in handy especially during events! Here is a run down of what energy can be used for during Sunnyfest!
    • Purchasing limited time travel tokens: For the duration of the event, two new travel tokens will be implimented featuring new crafting items, dropping soon. [ Buy them here!
      • Travel tokens that are obtainable year round (Adriff, Honeycrest, and Karramesh) are still purchasable too! 
    • Crafting: Recipes for the event use energy as an ingredient!  Recipies are purchasable from the Sunnyfest event shop for EC, and require both crafting ingredients and energy, so check what tokens might drop the ingredients you would need!
  • Event Currency Refresher:
    • Event currency (EC) is only obtainable from completing the Sunnyfest prompts during the event! These prompts do not award TC, but only EC!
    • EC is not tradable between users. You must earn your own EC during the event!
    • At the end of the event, you will have to either spend your EC or convert it to TC before the shop closes! Any remaining EC will be wiped your bank! (The shop will close on August 5th 11:59pm)

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