Eggster 2022 Egg Hunt Week 1!

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Peek at ueggeggeggeggegg290-image.pngegg

The first egg hunt for 2022 is now live!

Eggs can be hidden anywhere on the site, except for Masterlist entries, individual gallery images,  and Member's user profiles!
You are free to discuss egg locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

To view this scavenger hunt and see your progress, click here!

The hunt will last a full 24 hours, meaning there's plenty of time to find the eggs! There's a total of five to get, so be sure to look everywhere for them!

Egg 1
Hmm, I wonder how rare these eggs are?

Egg 2
Wait, why is that tree walking?

Egg 3
You'll get directed to this page if you forget something in your submissions!

Egg 4
Take a trip back to 2021 

Egg 5
Don't forget to take a look at everyone's beautiful art while hunting around!

Peek at ueggeggeggeggegg290-image.pngegg


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