Pouflon Items to be Deleted

Posted 8 months ago :: Last edited 8 months ago by StardustMinka

Hello Everyone!

When we split with Pouflons there were a few items left behind on here. We kept them up for a while to let them be transferred to the pouflon site. However, transfers officially ended Feb 1st, 2021. We will be removing these items from the site in two weeks, final day is 4/19/2022.

You can use the “sell” function on a Pouflon item to sell it for a set amount of RC. This has to be done within the two week period - as any that are left after that will be removed manually from inventories so we can delete these items.

Thank you!!


Just for further clarification - No USD refunds will be given. You can get RC for pouflon items for the next two weeks, but after that the items will be deleted.



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