Halcidays 2023

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259-image.pnggood day and happy halcidays!259-image.png

Welcome to Halcidays! What started as a holiday for Cappari to celebrate Halcyon became a Ranebo-wide event to celebrate love in all its forms.
Here’s what you can do during this month….


We have 4 Halcidays prompts for you to do and get the Halcidays badge from!

Check out the Halcidays prompts here! (You'll have to scroll down for the other 2.)

Doing the Halcidays prompts will award you the Halcidays badge which allows you to access the Halcidays shop here!
The Halcidays shop has a couple of familiars, trait items, and baby MYOs that are not available in the standard MYO shop!

One of our Halcidays prompts has a raffle associated with it and the raffle allows the chance to win the following awards:
- Grubii MYO
- Capip MYO
- Buppy MYO
- Angel Wings Spell
- 30 RC

- The Capip below!

UPDATE: We've extended the event by another week! Halcidays will end March 8th and the shop will close on the 12th.

THE RAFFLE HAS BEEN PULLED!! Congrats to our winners: Daffodil_Vanity, TenshiiMisha, Dicti-tm, gannetking, Zombugz, and Ringo-Zebra! The winners will be contacted in the order of the pulls! Thanks so much for participating in this year's Halcidays! <3

The awards have been sent out, but please let staff know if you have not received them!

We apologize for our delay in getting this announcement out and hope this doesn't hinder your chance to participate in our mini Halcidays event!


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