Chumbus 2022!

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good day and happy holidays everyone!

welcome to this year's chumbus event!


We're going to have another laidback Chumbus event due to some of our staff being busy and dealing with personal things. We would have loved to have a bigger Chumbus event this year but alas life has been troubling for some of our folks recently!! We thank you for your understanding and patience, but nonetheless, we still have some things prepared for you folks to get into the Chumbus mood!

As usual, we have some Chumbus prompts for you to tackle and enjoy!
we also have the chumbus shop open for event exclusive items!

Unfortunately no Chumbus exclusive travel tokens or recipes this year! But who knows? Maybe the Great Chumbus will bless your regular travel tokens this year?

Once you've completed 2 Chumbus prompts, you can also send in a claim for the Chumbus badge!

You may (or may not) have noticed that the event shop items and prompt awards are in RC rather than EC. This is intentional since the event had such a late start, and because we also took into consideration that people tend to be busier this holiday season. We wanted more people to have a chance to be able to purchase the event shop items and not be pressured into drawing for the limited time EC!

Other than the Chumbus prompts and event shop, we have one more thing prepared for our players that will occur later this month!
We'll make another announcement when this is active so stay tuned! ;)


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