Weekly Roundup #4

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This week, we only have one big announcement, so to compensate for the short post, how about we have some fun with a little Ranebo Trivia? 


Pterawing SpellWill-O-Wisp PotionNixten Legendary Spell

Firstly, the announcement!

  • The Legendary Shop has officially opened! This will remain open for the whole week, and will be closing on Sunday, May 23rd at 6pm EST! Be sure to get any items while they’re around, as there’s no guarantee when they’ll be back! (Remember, these items are also in the cash shop  with unlimited stock!)


And now for some fun little facts that people might not be aware of! 

  • The first iteration of the bokkudo species were dinosaurs! They were originally called kudos raptors. They have since kept their kudos token, but have taken on more of a bug/reptile mixture of traits!
  • Did you know that bunbii can possess both a Sumnum and Winty seasonal fur coat? These can have different colour palettes, as well as the Winty coat looking a bit more fluffy than their Sumnum one!

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