Weekly Roundup #8

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Time for some updates!

There wasn't much happening last week, and I was away, but we're back now and ready to get rocking!

Yellow UbraShark PotionHermyte

Small reminders

  • Crustracin' Sunnyfest prompt will be ending on the 24th of June, at 11:59PM EST! Please be sure to get any entries in before this time! We will be rolling the winners sometime during the day on the 25th.
  • Chapter 3 of the Final Abyss questline is now live! Chapter 2 will get an updated hint on the 25th if you're having troubles finding the Chapter 3 page! On top of this, Chapter 1 has been given a hint if you're still stuck finding Chapter 2. 
  • Sunnyfest will be ending on the 30th of June, at 11:59PM EST! This leaves just about ten days left to get your prompts done! The shop will remain open until the 5th.

Minor updates/bugfixes

  • Shark Potion's  description has been updated to be less confusing! 
    • There is no longer a random "or" between two of the traits, as all traits are able to be applied with one spell!
  • Draphibi Large Horn's description has been updated to exclude antler horns! Antler horns have never been an option with this trait, but having the clarification is always a good thing!

Legendary Shop

  • While we know users love having the monthly Legend shop, we have opted for not releasing one this month! This is due to how much activity Sunnyfest has going on, as we don't want to cause burnout within the community. The Legend shop will be returning next month, however, so keep your eyes out for that!

Hope to see you all again for next week's update!


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