Weekly Roundup #5

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Hey there, ranebo crew!

This week we’ve got a few changes, some big, some small! Let’s get right into it! 


This week

  • The Legendary Shop has come and gone, as well as the corresponding items from the cash shop! The shop will be opened again sometime in June, so be sure to keep an eye out.
  • A new currency has been added -- Event Energy! More info will be announced about this currency in the coming weeks. You can view this currency by clicking here! 

Minor updates/bugfixes

  • There have been a few new additions to the height chart, which can be found over on the ranebopets.info site!
  • Bokkudo XL wing image has been updated to show bug wings instead of angel wings. 
  • Fixed a few minor hatchling guide inconsistencies:
    • Clarification of bokkudo hatchlings being able to have head fluff and/or spikes, not body fluff/spikes.
    • Dot eyes are no longer required on hatchlings. 
  • Legendary Trait Spell and Drajin Legendary Trait Spell have gotten new item art! 
  • A small change has been added to the description of the Pterawings Spell, as pterawings aren’t the only thing needed to turn your trabble into a pterrabble!
    • To make a Pterabble, apply Pterawings, Long tail, Long fur, and Long legs to a trabble!
  • All traits have been updated with uniform text descriptions!

That's all for this week! We hope to have some fun and exciting things planned for the future, so please keep an eye out! 



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