Weekly Roundup #6

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Is everyone ready for June?!

We have a LOT of announcements to make this week! 


For the most anticipated….

Sunnyfest Logo


Sunnyfest is beginning on Tuesday, June 1st at 5PM EST! There’s quite a lot of new stuff to announce with this, so we want to clear up any of the confusion that may be caused right off the bat! 

  • Introducing our new crafting currency, Event Energy! Event energy will be used to explore event exclusive locations and craft event exclusive items!
    • This will bring in some new recipes, as well as some updates to how you can collect ubras and hermytes! The ubra prompt will now require you to craft or purchase an ubra catcher, and the hermyte prompt will require a bug net!
  • The Leviathan quest line won’t be making a comeback this year, but not to worry. We’ve got a brand new, exciting quest for your ranebopets to embark on! More info about this quest will be released on the 1st of June.
  • In anticipation for Sunnyfest, some changes have been made to the Travel Adriff and Travel Honeycrest loot tables. Please see the items encyclopedia entries for more info on the new table.


And now, for this past week


  • There is now an official TC/EC calculator! You can get a copy for yourself HERE by selecting File > Make a copy. Please leave any questions on this week’s roundup if you’re confused at all! 
    • This calculator has also been added into the Scoring Guide.
  • Various bugs were fixed around the site including:
    • Buppy, Capip, and Grubii MYOs not having an image.
    • Honeycrest Travel Token distributing the wrong amount of TC.
    • Various images being too large.
  • Any Lost Map Pieces still lingering around in user’s inventories have been manually removed.
  • Recipe key items are now sellable! If you accidentally bought two, you can easily get your TC back!
  • Mertail and Sharktail have been combined into one trait, Fish Tail!
    • The Mertail spell now gives the trait Fish Tail, and the Mini Shark Potion now has Fish Tail added in its trait section.



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