Welcome to Sunnyfest!

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✦ Welcome to Sunnyfest! ✦

Sunnyfest 2020 was a beach party palooza, but this year we’re moving away from the coast and all the way to the exotic Irre desert!

The Irre desert is located within the northern riftlands and is known for its beautiful sandy dunes and sweltering heat. The eccentric people of hotte claim to see strange monsters drift through the desert from Labrynthe, but those are probably just mirages!

Complete Prompts


This event features seven new prompts to complete! Will you go hunting for cryptids, catch some familiars, or maybe send a post card to a friend?

After completing 2 Sunnyfest prompts, remember to claim the sunnyfest badge!

View the prompts!


Explore + Craft


With this event, comes two new places for you to explore! Travel tokens for Karramesh and Labrinthe can be purchased in the Sunnyfest shop  for Event energy!

There are also Seven new crafting recipes to collect!

Collect Event Energy!


Solve a mystery?


The Irre desert is home to the Labrinthe, a wasteland full of danger. Otherworldly beings can cross through the inter-dimensional tears found in the Labrinthe.  It's a place that may be worth investigating...

M̴̼̋e̷̩͋ẻ̸̳t̶̻̏ ̵̖̆i̸̢͛n̶̟͑ ̶̞͂t̸͙̾h̴̤̃ë̵̩́ ̵͇̋F̶͉̔ị̷͊n̵͖̒a̶̡̽l̷̫̎ ̷̲͗Á̷͉b̵̛͙y̴̟͝s̸͉͗s̴̓͜.̴̡͝.̶͒͜.̴͙̈́



More Info!

With such a large event, we have nome new event mechanics to touch on and refresh your memory on the old ones!

  • New! Event energy: Event energy is a type of energy used exclusively during events. You will be able to claim Event energy instead of normal energy from the daily reward! Here is a run down of what Event energy can be used for during sunnyfest! 
    • Purchasing travel tokens: For the duration of the event, all travel tokens will be purchasable with Event Energy. [ Buy them here!
      • Travel tokens that are obtainable year round (Adriff, Honeycrest, and Karramesh) are still purchasable with Normal Energy! 
    • Event Crafting: Certain recipes will require Event energy as an ingredient! These recipes are: Alien Potion, Suspicious Substance, Leviathan potion, and Ubra trap.
    • Conversions: You can convert Event Energy into Normal Energy by purchasing an Energy gummy from the sunnyfest shop for 10 EE
    • Event energy will not be wiped after an event ends!
  • Event Currency Refresher. 
    • Event currency (EC) is only obtainable from completing the sunnyfest prompts during the event! These prompts do not award TC, but only EC!
    • EC is not tradable between users. You must earn your own EC during the event!
    • At the end of the event, you will have to either spend your EC or convert it to TC before the shop closes! Any remaining EC will be wiped your bank! (The shop will close on July 7th 11:59pm)

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