[Open] Guest Sales: Bompom Wood - Discounted!

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HELLO!! here we have some fantastic designs by Kyu and Hero! All prices are in USD via paypal. You must be over 18 to purchase! {View larger image}

closed: Dream Eater | Bokkudo | @kyu
SB: $85
MI: $5
AB: $185
End time: 24h after AB added

Beetle XL antennae 
Wing flair
Solid Chameleon Tail 
Eye caps 
Edible Gummy 
Dream affinity 
Nudibranch nubs

- Reply to the last highest bid
- DO NOT hide or retract your bids! contact us first if you need to retract. (This may count against your partcipation in auctions in future)


Designs by Handhelld
- comment to claim!

CLOSED: Chocolate Ladybug: $85 flatsale
- shaped antennae 
- edible: chocolate

OPEN: Messy Painter: $100 Now $85!
- paint 
- pouch 
- accessories: beret, uncommon collar



egeshells Avatar

claim chocolate ladybug please!

2021-04-08 20:34:33

Handhelld Avatar
Handhelld Staff Member

Thank you so much! Send 85 USD here https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/handhelld/

Please make sure to select for "Goods and Services" and "No address needed"

2021-04-08 20:43:47

egeshells Avatar

sent, thanks!

2021-04-08 21:03:34

marshmu Avatar
marshmu Staff Member

Reply here to bid for Dream Eater!
SB: $85usd

2021-04-08 20:08:58

CicerOrator Avatar

I'll start w/ a $85 bid

2021-04-08 20:20:13

huskies709 Avatar

....gotta respond with 90$!

2021-04-08 21:04:30

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