Weekly Roundup #7

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by Joyful

Hey all!

We hope you're enjoying Sunnyfest so far! We've got a few things to announce this week, but I promise it's short!


Bugfixes, Balancing, and a clarification

  • The Daily Event Energy page currently has a typo on it! We will be getting this fixed as soon as we can! If you've been wondering why you're getting 15 EE instead of 10, 15 is the correct number! 
  • Explores have been bumped to cost 10 energy. This change is to make things more evenly spread out number wise.
  • The Bug Net recipe has been reworked, and now only requries 3 sticks to craft! This wil still take 5 energy as well!

Some exciting news...

Marble Gatcha

There will be a new gatcha up in the next few days! Please keep an eye on the Sales Page for more info! (must be 18 or over to purchase)


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