Weekly Roundup #2

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Welcome to May! 

We've had some absolutely exciting things happen this week! The month of April is behind us, and with the new month comes quite a few updates!


Painted GolemBug NetFlower Crown

This week

  • Please give a warm welcome to our newest moderators, NaviLovesYou and Tempelina ! They will be working on site as new queue checkers, so don't be surprised if your submissions get accepted by these two new faces! 
  • Eggster has come to a conclusion as of the 30th! Be sure to convert any EC into TC or buy your final items before the 6th! EC to TC converters can be found and purchased within the Eggster shop. Please keep in mind, ALL EC will be wiped after this date!
  • There is still one Eggster adopt open for purchase! Messy Painter is available for sale HERE!
  • The tooshi prompt has come and gone along with the Eggster season, but this doesn't mean the end of the trusty Bug Net item! Bug Nets are now required for the following prompts:
    • Meet Leetle
    • Meet Flying Heck
    • Meet Noodlefish
  • That being said, explores and crafting will be sticking around! The explores will have slightly different items with the leave of Eggster, so please be sure to read their item descriptions for more info.
    • Additionally, Bompom Travel Token, Petals, and Craft Paint are leaving the explores, as well as the Flower Crown and Painted Golem recipes!
  • NEW!! Recipe keys have become consumable items! To view your recipes, select your recipe key from your inventory and click "Redeem Recipe"


Minor updates/Bugfixes

  • A certain sugarnix found their way onto the .info site and replaced some images with one of themself! These have been reverted back to normal.



  • Please stay tuned for more fun in the upcoming weeks!


We hope you all have a wonderful week, and we'll see you again next time! 


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