Weekly Roundup #3

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Hey there!

There’s not too many updates for this week, so let’s keep this short and sweet!


EC to TC Conversion

This week

  • The EC wipe has been completed. If you for some reason still have EC on your account, please comment on this announcement so we can manually remove it!
  • The last Eggster adopt has been discounted to $85! They are available for sale HERE!


Minor updates/Bugfixes

  • Recipes have been updated! previously they were under the “free recipe” section, but they were not actually free as you needed a key to use them. Now, we’ve changed it so that the recipes themselves must be unlocked, but no key is needed!
    • All recipe keys have turned into recipe unlock boxes and once opened from your inventory, they will show up under “your unlocked recipes” on the crafting page.
  • Scavenger hunts have been fixed, please look forward to more of those in the future!

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