Hattowen 2023

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GOOD day and happy hattowen!

welcome to this year's hattowen event!
some classic hattowen familiars and items will be returning this year!


check out the hattowen prompt list here!
see what you can get at the hattowen event shop here with some hard-earned ec!
and don't forget to check out the event-exclusive travel tokens in the craft & explore shop!

Once you complete two Hattowen prompts, you'll be able to claim a Hattowen badge! You can do this by sending a claim with two approved Hattowen prompt submissions and a Hattowen badge attached as the reward!

oh? you hear a little something coming from the fall winds...

It seems Aeolian has returned and is returning the favor from last year!

Check out the link above to see how you can get the Hattowen-exclusive trait, Cursed Eye!

Unfamiliar with Aeolian and Macula? They were introduced last year accompanied with a game (that you can download and play here!) that our mod, SeventhBard, made for Hattowen 2022!
If playing games isn't your thing, there's also a VOD here where Bard plays the entire game as well!

event calender:

(sorry, no calender visual :'D)

Event START - Oct. 1st
Candy Hunt 1 - Oct. 8th
MOD ADOPTS - Oct. 13th
Candy Hunt 2 - Oct. 15th
Candy Hunt 3 - Oct. 22nd
MOD ADOPTS 2!! - Oct. 27th
Candy Hunt 4 - Oct. 29th
Event END - Nov. 1st
Event Shop Close - Nov. 4th

UPDATE: Prompt deadlines have been extended to Nov. 5th! The shop will close on Nov. 11th!

We hope you enjoy this year's Hattowen!

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