the return of aeolian

Created: 1 October 2023, 20:17:15 EDT
Last updated: 1 October 2023, 21:11:41 EDT

a familiar sight!

Your Ranebopet is just kind of chilling, looking forward to the spooky, autumnal season ahead. Suddenly, they hear a noise like wind. It makes them feel like they’re remembering something…



A familiar ghost drajin appears! He seems much happier this year than he did the previous Hattoween.

“Hi! Remember me?” Aeolian greets you cheerfully. “I gave you the little scrap of parchment, as a token of our friendship and a reminder that I owe you a favor. That’s how I found you– now that you have it, I can appear to you! Neat, huh?”


“I’ll never forget your help when I really needed you,” continues Aeolian. “Thanks to you, the Eye of the Abyss is safe from Dr. Macula and his cultists! Those wackos picked the wrong spirit to exploit to further their nasty schemes.” He conjures up an image of the Abyssal Eye in the air- not that you’re ever going to forget that creepy thing.

“I still owe you that favor,” he says. “Of course, I’ll be grateful to you for always, so you can call on me whenever, but let’s start with a little gift that I made just for you.”

Aeolian rummages inside a sack that he also conjured out of thin air.


“Y’see, I was thinking,” Aeolian tells you. “I’m not the only ghost around. And during the month when Hattoween magic abounds and the veil between worlds is kind of flimsy, you might encounter other spirits and spooks, and not all of them are as nice as me!”

He finally produces an object from the sack. You can’t tell what it is but it seems to be faintly glowing.


“My own invention!” Aeolian cries proudly. “I call it the Ghost Compass.”

He hands you the little doodad. You take a closer look.


“See? It is glowing, because I’m here of course,” he explains. “And the pointer is aimed at the ghost’s intentions toward you- I will always protect you, the best I can. And it has a handy carrying strap!” Aeolian is absolutely beaming. He must have put a lot of thought into this present. Some of the labels on the compass alarm you a little, but you opt not to ask about them. For now.

Aeolian gave you a Ghost Compass! Wow, what a great gift. And you can get some special prizes if you draw your Ranebopet using it!

Using the prompt that accompanies this story, draw/write about your Ranebopet using the Ghost Compass. Are there any ghosts around? What do they want? How does your Ranebopet react?

Check out the prompt (and its other requirements) here!