Weekly Roundup #11

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Hey all!

We've had quite a few updates this week, so let's get into the news!


Noodlefish (void)Hatchling BadgeUbra (void)

Upcoming events

  • From now on, there will be weekly adopts. These will be posted on Mondays at 7pm EST! Please keep an eye on the sales tab for these in the future! Each set will be revealed one hour before claims open!
  • Monthly raffles are back! You can find the prompt for this under this tab! Please note you can only get one ticket per submission, with up to two submissions!

Bugfixes/Minor Changes

  • We have implemented a new 1 week trade cooldown on all ranebopets. This will not apply to any ranebopets right now, but will apply to any future trades.
    • This also applies to all MYO made designs as well. So you cannot trade a design for one week after theyre approved!
  • Spider potion is now unusable on Bunbiis! This is simply to prevent pseudo Spunbiis being created!
  • Ubra (deep) has been changed to Ubra (void) This is to fit into the Void series of collectible familiars.
    • In addition to this, a new noodlefish variant has been spotted! They can be obtained via supporting Marsh's ko-fi! More info about this can be foundhere!Please DM Marsh on ko-fi with your ranebopets username if you decide to support!
  • Trabble have obtained a new trait, Avian Tail! This is an enchanted trait. More info about it can be seen here.

Major update!

  • The three hatchling growth prompts have now been consolidated into one! If you've been looking for the hatchling growth prompt, it can be found here. All details can be seen on the prompt, so please be sure to read carefully! 

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