Weekly Roundup #13

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choccy.... milk....?

You recieve an official-looking letter in the mail. Strangely, parts of the letter seem to be corrupted, despite being analog. The letter reads:

Dear Citizen,

Due to the recent disturbances and unusual sightings across Ranebo, The Ranebo Research Alliance (R.R.A) needs your help and is s೧ູ࿃earching for interns of any species to take part in field research in your local area and beyond. There may be risks associated with೧ູ࿃ू the position, which i n c  lude  ఠీੂ೧ູ࿃ूੂ, bodily harm, missin g ೧ູl imb࿃ूੂSs, smoki ೧࿃ूੂng , ༽u̴͙͈͊́u̵̺͎̺̾̃͜bl ̷̨͊̍̑͝s̴̹̦͉̮͑ͅj̶̦̦͐s̶̝͚̖͐̎̍͒)ྀ◞ [೧ູఠీੂ ඊູཀ ꐑ​(​ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡​(​ƟӨ​)​ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ text illegible]

Should your application be successful, on October 1st you will receive a letter with your assignment and contact information for your assigned Field leader. This letter may contain sensitive information that must not be shared with others.

Please fill out this brief application and return to೧ູఠీੂʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡y by the second of October.

Click here to read the full prompt info.

Hattowen will commence on the first of October, 2021. Please be prepared. 

Sticks and rocks have been removed from the explore shop, bug nets have taken their place.

W̔̌͒E̊͋͊ ̘͂̃A̓̎̂Ȓ̈́͝E͐͊͘ ͇̋C̣͛O͆̍̚M͑͘͡I͒͆̇N͆̅͘G̜̈́ ͔̑

Hope to see you there.


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