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Created: 15 November 2020, 03:45:44 EST
Last updated: 25 September 2022, 13:04:13 EDT
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✦ Welcome to Ranebopets! ✦

Ranebopets is an art-based creature collecting game (ARPG) with a rainbow of species
designed to help & challenge you to improve your art. You must be over 13 years of age to play.

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Register your account

You must have a DeviantArt account to register! Make sure you also read our rules.
You can join the discord if you're over 16. All updates are posted there first, and we can answer your questions much faster!

1. Register

Choose a username the same as or similar to your existing deviantArt alias so we can identify you.

Nothing NSFW and no spaces!

2. confirm email

We recommend using a gmail address to make an account -  some other email providers don't receive the activation email.

It may take a while to arrive - be sure to check your junk/spam folder. If it's been over 24h and you did not use a gmail address, try again with a gmail account. 

3. connect Deviantart
Log in to Ranebopets & navigate to your settings. The site will prompt you to verify your deviantArt account!

If you own any Ranebopets already, make sure you're linking to the deviantArt account associated with your character on the masterlist.


Get A character

All Species | Starter Hatchling GuideFAQ

There are a few ways to get a Ranebopet...

  • If you have never owned a Ranebopet before, you are an FTO (first time owner)!
    Get the golden starter ticket! Instructions are found in the item description.
    Hatchlings are limited in what they can do, but you can grow them up for full prompt access.
    Starter ticket | Free hatchling starter bases

  • If you're not an FTO or don't want to use the starter ticket, you can...

Purchase MYO

If you'd like to design your own Ranebopet, you can purchase an MYO (make-your-own) ticket from the Cash Shop!

Cash Shop

Purchase An Adopt

To get notified when new adopts are available, keep an eye on the SALES tab on the navbar above, join the group, and follow marshmu! 

Adopts Folder


Get a pre-loved Ranebopet in a trade from the trading channel in the discord! If you can't join the discord, check the Ranebopet trade tag on

Discord (age 16+)


Submit art & earn

The site currency is RC. Earn it by submitting art & writing! Use RC to get more character MYOs and items to upgrade your character's traits. 

    • Submit Prompts | How to
      All prompts - Must click on the magnifying glass to view them!!

    • Submit General Art  | How to
      General art is any Ranebopets-related art you've made that wasn't for a prompt, such as gift art. 

    • Badges are collectibles that can be earned on prompts that give them, or by drawing the mascots. Mascot badges are the only ones that can be earned alongside other badges on the same prompt, otherwise, you can only earn one badge per prompt.

Need help?
Ask in #help in the Discord (age 16+) | If you can't use the discord, leave a reply on the featured comment on the FAQ page.


Good To Know

Sites: Ranebopets is split into two sites. for hosting the game & masterlist, and for hosting lore, species info, and art resources in a more aesthetic format. The discord is the most active for updates, social, and trading.

Event cycle: Ranebopets has seasonal events for spring, summer, fall, and winter! There are also other mini events scattered throughout the year. (Seasonal Events)

Hatchlings: Hatchlings are baby ranebopets. They can be grown up into an adult form by using a growth potion. MYO hatchlings are tradelocked & can only be used in hatchling & event prompts. Not all species currently have hatchlings. (Hatchling Guide)

Age & Content: Players must be over 13 to play Ranebo and over 16 to be in the Discord. We do not allow heavy gore or sexual content in submissions or our social spaces.