Created: 17 April 2020, 17:07:58 EDT
Last updated: 23 April 2020, 18:30:43 EDT

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! Please use the categories below to navigate, or use a keyword in your browser's page search to find your question!



I made my account onsite, but I'm missing my items/characters/currency!

If you're missing anything onsite, please make a comment on this journal. Please make sure to include your sitename in the comment as well as proof of character ownership.

What do I do if my hatchling isn't on the masterlist?

Hatchlings made before the migration to ranebopets are not added automatically. Please comment here to get your hatchling added onsite!

If your inventory on the Trello bank has a blue tag, your inventory has already been transferred. If you have a yellow tag, you need to comment on the above journal.

Characters & Designs

Can ranebopets have prosthetic limbs?

Yes, you can give your ranebopet up to two prosthetic limbs.

Do we have to buy clothes/accessories/outfits?

No, they're free to make so long as they aren't magic. Items with special properties can be earned through the group, but normal outfits are always available for free. Cappari are an exception, as they have specific accessory restrictions!


Who are the mascots?

All mascots should be listed on this page: https://ranebopets.com/info/mascots






What makes Golden Runic different from Metallic Runic?

Golden Runic combines two horn effect traits; metallic and shimmer. In order to get the same effect as Golden Runic without the Golden Runic Trait Spell, you will need to use two Enchanted Trait Spells, one for Metallic Runic and one for Shimmer Runic!

Do Horn Effects like shimmer, gradient, and metal affect Pouflon runic color?

Yes! The effect will show up in the eyes, hooves, and anywhere else that the runic color appears.

Can you use effects from your affinity to form fetlocks on your Pouflon, such as flame fetlocks or vapor fetlocks?

Yes! For instance, a flamecaller can have fetlocks made of fire, or a dreamweaver can have fetlocks made of their sparkling dream-mist.

Are flamecallers limited in what color fire they can make?

No, the fire effects can be of any color you choose, although it frequently matches the runic color!

Can I get more than one affinity on a single character?

Yes! You can get as many as you choose, but you'll only receive the badge once!

Can legendary Subtype traits for pouflons (i.e. unicorn/capricorn/dragon) be applied to vespires?


Can star tail, crystal eyes, and rattle snake tail be applied to pouflons?



Can we share WIPs of unfinished myos in the discord?

Yes, just don’t upload them anywhere else!

Are there any limits to how many times I can complete a prompt for rewards?

Nope! But you'll only get the badges once per account.

Can masterlist art have accessories?

Masterlist art can have accessories, but they need to be small or minimal as to not obstruct important parts of the design! 

Can I accept commissions in exchange for TC?


Are we required to submit art or writing to the DA group?

No, but we encourage you to do so to share your work with other members of the group!

Can we make pay-to-use or free-to-use bases for ranebopet species?