Q: How do I change my Username onsite?
Send a note to the Ranebopets dA group or ask in the #help chat in our discord!

Q: I changed My Deviantart/Moved accounts, how do I fix this?
Send a note to our the Ranebopets dA group or ask in the #help chat in our discord. We can unlink your current deviantart account so you can attach your new one.

Q: I was part of the old Tessarium group, how do I get my old stuff back?
Send a note or ask in the discord. We will need your dA name, Ranebopets account name, and links to any hatchlings or ranebopets you need transferred!



Q: Can my Ranebopet wear clothes?
Yes! Ranebopets can freely wear clothes and accessories with the exception of cappari.
Cappari require an uncommon trait to have accessories or outfits, but certain small accessories and satchel bags are free. In the lore, their belongings must be Blessed in order to be able to teleport with them.

Q: Can I share my design before it's approved?
Yes, feel free to share it with your friends or in our discord! However, don't post it publicly to an art sharing site (Deviantart, Twitter, Instagram, etc) before it is approved, as you may need to make changes to the design!

Prompts and claims

Q: Can we submit collaboration work?
You can, but all rewards will go to the artist who submitted the claim. It is up to you to divide the rewards amongst yourselves.

Q: For prompts with multiple parts (ie. affinity quests) can some parts be drawn and the others written?
No, sorry. The whole prompt set must be completed in either art or literature.

Q: Can I do hatchling prompts with my adult ranebopet?
Yes! To do hatchling prompts with an adult ranebopet, simply draw them as a hatchling. This hatchling form does not need to follow the MYO  hatchling design rules.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can complete a prompt?
Generally, no! The prompts can be done an infinite number of times, with the only exception being the affinity prompts which can each only be done once per character. (ie. one ranebopet can't do the Flamecaller quest line twice)



Q: Can I do Cloventines/Sunnyfest/Hattowen/Chumbus prompts with my hatchling?
Yes! Hatchlings can be used in these prompts

Q: When do prompts close? When does the shop close?
Deadlines for events are typically the last day of the month at 11:59pm EST. The shops stay open for 5 days after the event, typically closing on the 5th at 11:59pm EST.

Q: Can I do trades for EC/ Get EC from other users?
Event currency is user-bound and cannot be traded or transferred between users.




Q: Can I get more than one affinity on a single character?
Yes! You can add as many as you choose (but you'll only receive the badge for an affinity once!)

Q: Can I add traits to my hatchling?
Hatchlings can't have traits, but you can add them when you are growing them up.

Q: Can masterlist art have accessories?
Masterlist art can have accessories, but they need to be small or minimal as to not obstruct important parts of the design! 

Q: Can I accept commissions in exchange for TC?

Q: Are we required to submit art or writing to the DA group or on-site gallery?
No, but we encourage you to do so to share your work with other members!

Q: Can we make pay-to-use or free-to-use bases for ranebopet species?
You can!