Ranebopets Bases

Bases made by the ranebopets community, for the ranebopets community!
We allow F2U and P2U bases onsite. Distribution of bases is done entirely by the community member so do not ask the staff to help you use their bases!
This section also is for posting YCH commissions.


  • F2U - Free to use base! these bases are free to use by anyone.
  • P2U - Pay to use base! These bases must be bought from the creator of the base!
  • YCH - Your character here bases. These bases are not for distribution. A YCH is where you pay an artist to draw your character on the artist's own base.


  1. Base creators must be credited for the art if the base is used on the masterlist.
  2. All bases must abide by ranebopets TOS (No explicit imagery)
  3. When using a base found here, you must follow any additional rules the base creator has stated.
  4. P2U bases can be sold for RC, Real life currency, or other digital currencies such as DA points. The pricing is up to the base creator. They can also be traded for items, art, etc.
  5. After purchasing a P2U base it is for personal use only and cannot be redistributed unless the creator states otherwise.
  6. To buy or Sell bases for real life currency (USD, AUD, CAD, etc.) you must be over 18 y/o.

Ranebopets does not make any profit off of the bases made by the community.