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Mini Shark Spell

Category: Trait Items

Adds ONE of the below traits to your ranebopet.

Trait: Shark gills, or Shark Fin, Mertail or Shark Teeth
Species: All - Except non-fallen cappari for "Shark teeth" and Bettabo for "Shark Gills"
A Dorsal fin can be obtained on trabbles with the "Trabble fin" trait.
Bettabo have gills as a common trait and Fallen cappari have Sharp teeth as a common trait.


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<a href=" Shark Spell Recipe Key" class="display-item">Mini Shark Spell Recipe Key</a>

Mini Shark Spell Recipe Key

Category: Recipe boxes

Artist: marshmu

Resale Value: 4 Event Currency


Recipe keys allow you to craft a specific item! They must be redeemed from your inventory. View your unlocked recipes here.


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