Displays as: 0 Energy
Held by: Users

It's energy! used for crafting and exploring.

Event Currency

Event Currency (EC)

Displays as: 0 Event Currency
Held by: Users

The currency given out during events. It reverts to RC at the end of an event period.

Event Energy (EE)

Displays as: 0 Event Energy
Held by: Users

It's event energy! Used for crafting and exploring during events. 

Ranebo Coins

Ranebo Coins (RC)

Displays as: 0 Ranebo Coins
Held by: Users

The main currency in ranebopets.

Special Tix (STX)

Displays as: 0 Special Tix
Held by: Users

STX can be used in the special shop. Obtain special tix via the supporter ko-fi.

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