Eggster Egg Hunt

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egg hunt 1

Hellohello folks! Welcome to Egg Hunt #1

Eggster Egg Hunt

The hunts last about 24 hours so make sure to get the eggs before time runs out!

If you are new to this, eggs (any of the ones here) will be scattered around the site that you can click and receive!

egg hunt hints

Egg 1
A darkly colored version of this spring time amphibious familiar

Egg 2
My Bunbii will have such elegant ears now with this trait

Egg 3
Where can I get that Bompom token again?

Egg 4
A Bunbii that has high magical affinity and often are archivists

Egg 5
My Ranebopet can disappear but keep their grinning smile and eyes with this trait


The raffle prompt for Eggster will also be dropping sometime soon! So keep an eye on the Eggster prompts for when that drops

Later in the month we will also have some mod adopts around the 28th of April, so you may want to keep your eyes peeled for those as well


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