chumbus 2023

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good day and merry chumbus!

welcome to this year's chumbus event!
we have something returning from three years ago that we hope you'll enjoy as well as something a little new!


check out the chumbus prompt list here!
and check out what's available at the chumbus shop here with the ec you've earned from the prompts!
We plan on having Mod Adopts on dec. 24th!

Once you finish at least 2 Chumbus prompts, you can submit a claim with two approved Chumbus submissions attached to get the Chumbus badge! Be sure to attach the badge as a reward as well!


is there something in your stocking?
this year we have a gifts calendar that will alternate between giving 5 ec and 5 rc everyday from Dec. 1st to dec. 31st!

[ Don't forget to claim your daily gift here! ]


there's a legend that there's a hidden cave near Frospine that's filled with wonders to behold...

[ Begin the hunt? ]

UPDATE AGAIN: Hints have been edited because I accidentally gave a map piece the wrong hint orz

When you finish the hunt, submit a claim with all the scavenger hunt targets attached in the Add-Ons section of the claim!
(This is a returning event from Chumbus 2020, so if you did the hunt then, you don't have to do it again! But do make sure to keep it a secret for new folks ;)c )


the event will last for the entire duration of december! (dec. 1st to dec. 31st)


That's all we have to announce! We hope you enjoy this year's Chumbus!

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