Hattowen Candy Hunt 4

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Treat Bag Candy HUNTTreat Bag

Candy hunt is a site wide scavenger hunt, much like the one that occurred during Eggster! These candy hunts will last 24 hrs and will take place on the dates seen on the Hattowen calender. To participate, all you need to do is look around onsite for Treat bags! They can be hidden on any page, EXCEPT for member profiles, Masterlist entries, or things like submissions. This means places like the Encyclopedia, Shops, prompts, etc are all valid hiding spots!

Once you find a treat bag, click on it and it will be put in your inventory where you can open it up for a reward! These treat bags are unlimited and ARE NOT first come first serve. We will ask that during the hunts, please do not tell others in public channels where the treat bags are! You are absolutely free to Dm other members to discuss, give hints, or even just share locations privately if thats your thing. 

Candy Hunt #4

Candy Hunt #4 - October 31th!

candy hunt hints (click here)

This prompt can help your Ranebo do some pretty spooky stuff

You can usually hear these guys making funny noises this time of year as they run around

A subspecies that tends to be more common around this time of year. They sometimes can be sparky or powdery, maybe both?

This item can help you aquire this Hattowen species! Make sure to buy one before the shop goes away

A year round place to buy more pets for your Ranebopets 

Click here to check your Candy hunt #4 progress!



Most things onsite, including these candy hunts, are done completely manually. All bags are hidden and removed by hand. This means after the hunt ends, the candy bags may stay onsite for a period of time. Additionally, Candy hunts will have a set start time. Announcements will be made onsite and on discord when they begin.


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