egg hunt 3

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egg hunt 3

Hellohello folks! Welcome to Egg Hunt #3, the final Egg Hunt!

The hunts last 24 hours so make sure to get the eggs before time runs out!

If you are new to this, eggs (any of the ones here) will be scattered around the site that you can click and receive!

egg hunt hints

Egg 1
I think this means my Mantubu is very sleepy?

Egg 2
AHH! I made a mess on my golem!

Egg 3
This Cappari's halo is pretty bright...

Egg 4
This gives me a little plant on my head!

Egg 5
This species is almost alien in nature...

Egg 6
Where can I read about background guidelines?

Egg 7
I wonder what Ranebopets is about?


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