Its time for Sunnyfest!

Posted 8 July 2020, 16:41:16 EDT :: Last edited 1 September 2020, 17:36:27 EDT by AlphaDargon


Welcome to sunnyfest!

 It's the perfect time to go on a summer adventure with your ranebopet - do prompts, race hermyte, fish for ubra, or go on a treasure hunt for the fabled Leviathan Chest! This event starts July 8th and ends August 31th, 12am EST.

To participate in Sunnyfest you must own a full grown ranebopet to do the prompts with! Hatchlings aren't eligible to be the main character in artwork!


Get the Sunnyfest Badge

Do at least 2 Sunnyfest prompts to earn the Sunnyfest badge!

Spend Event Currency

EC is given out for event prompts and activities. Use it to buy event-exclusive items in the EC shop!
[ Click here to visit the shop! ]

Earn Cute new familiars

With the new event, two new familiars have been discovered! 


[ For the full rundown of sunnyfest, click here! ]