Drajin MYO Approvals are back open!

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Drajin myo approvals are now open again!
Drajin had loose design rules, and it resulted in many design submissions that didn't look like the species, so we've updated their guidelines. Here is a summary of the changes- PLEASE read the new "design rules" guide section before making comments or suggestions as the guide has more in-depth info and images! https://ranebopets.info/drajin.html 
-must have horns & ears
-must be quadrupedal, not bipedal
-new face, tail, and build guidelines
-can't re-use art from other species for the drajin's ML art
-drajin fish fin wings retired, replaced by event fairy wing and leviathan
-hooves & talons 2 legs max, can't have both traits simultaneously
-hornless & beak retired
As usual we are not requiring ANY approved designs on the ML to have any changes made to them! Their traits will be grandfathered in, ie. hornless trait will be marked as retired and fin wing will be changed to fairy wing. Any drajin currently in queue will be subject to the new rules! 

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