New Familiar: the Fliff!

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Introducing…..the Fliff!

“This feathery, docile creature is a creation of the cappari, and is a popular pet for cappari children due to its extremely tolerant nature.”

This is a seasonal familiar that will make an appearance during chumbus and halcidays. 

Obtain in december via…

  • Blue, Pink, Yellow - Fliff capsule in Chumbus shop, then familiar shop after the 11th
  • Wild - December Supporter boxes, small chance in capsule
  • Golden - Cash shop, small chance in capsule
  • Snowy - Cash shop (only available during december)

As a bonus for december, all supporter boxes and $10+ tiers on the supporter ko-fi will come with a fliff capsule. 

If you're looking for a gift for a ranebo-playing friend, The supporter boxes make a nice gift box with this bonus inside! Merry chumbus and may your rolls be blessed!


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