December Update + Chumbus news

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Heya everyone we've got some updates for our december plans!
As I mentioned previously, chumbus is not going to be a larger event like in previous years. This year it will be held as a one week seasonal shop with a single prompt. Like previous seasonal shops, the Chumbus shop will use RC instead of EC. The shop will contain all of the classic Chumbus items from last year!

The reason we do this is because everyone is rather busy during the holiday season, mods included! So in addition to a downsized chumbus, we're also going to be taking a 3 week hiatus at the end of the month. During this hiatus, all claims onsite will be turned off, meaning you cannot submit prompts, art, Myos, or design updates! Our discord help channel will still be open, but we will not be answering questions as often as we normally would be!

Chumbus will be held December 5th -> December 11th
Hiatus will occur from December 12th -> January 1st

If you have any questions about Chumbus or the Hiatus, please send them in the #help channel or leave a comment on this news post!


On a more minor note, with the end of auter, Maple Snort has left the familiar shop! He will be returning again next september! Make sure to grab yourself a whoo before it leaves after December!



HimejoshiHeart Avatar

Should I continue drawing ranebopets art during the hiatus and submit it after it ends?

2021-12-11 17:22:23

Handhelld Avatar

You can if you would like! you just cannot submit until the hiatus is over!

2021-12-11 20:57:10

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