Hallogrove 2021 Raffle winners + small update

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Handhelld

Thank you all for participating in the hallogrove 2021 raffle!
We had 50 whole entries this year, but only five winners...

Chocolatespyro - Grand Mantabu Prize!
TroubledFox - Chimera potion
HimejoshiHeart - Wereform potion
monkfishlover - Spider Potion
AcuteExposure - 30 EC

Thank y'all so much for entering! 

Additionally, I would like to make a small announcement for any Non-discord users who missed it!
The Candy hunt that was supposed to happen on tuesday was moved to Thursday! So look out for that announcement tomorrow!

Hattowen is coming to a close in just 5 days, so get your final prompts in and grab those items!
EC->TC conversions have also been added to the hattowen shop


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