New Species - Irribask

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Dear citizens of ranebo,

The number of rifts has increased exponentially and a number of strange and potentially dangerous creatures have emerged.
 Additionally, suspicious substance reacts aggressively when taken near a rift and becomes one of these creatures.

Effective immediately, we are sharing information that has been collected so far on this species to the public.

Take care.

W̵̼̿Ẹ̵̕'̸̹̉R̷̉ͅÊ̷͕ ̴̫̐Ȟ̶̢E̸̥͌R̷̙̈E̶̝͐!̶̻͠

Irribask is a NEW, PLAYABLE species!

Read all about irribask HERE
Please read all info on that page and its FAQ before asking any questions!
(Comment on this news post or in the discord #help channel with questions)

Irribask MYOS are currently available in the cash shop unlimited for the rest of october
A limited amount are in the MYO shop for RC also and there will be more RC myo drops in october.

Your Suspicious substance item will become an openable box that gives you an iota MYO and the Ichor pet.

Most of the weekly adopts for the rest of October will be irribask so sign up here to get early claim access! 



ozzie20 Avatar

when will thenext restock of iota irribask myo tickets be?

2021-10-11 15:38:07

Handhelld Avatar

The restocks will be released at random!

2021-10-11 19:59:08

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