Hattowen Update #2

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362-image.pngHattowen Update #1Treat Bag


It's the sixth day of hattowen meaning we've got a few new GHOSTLY items for y'all!

With this update we bring New items, New crafting recipes, New familiars, and Info on the "Candy Hunt"!


Candy hunt is a site wide scavenger hunt, much like the one that occurred during Eggster! These candy hunts will last 24 hrs and will take place on the dates seen on the Hattowen calender. To participate, all you need to do is look around onsite for Treat bags! They can be hidden on any page, EXCEPT for member profiles, Masterlist entries, or things like submissions. This means places like the Encyclopedia, Shops, prompts, etc are all valid hiding spots!

Once you find a treat bag, click on it and it will be put in your inventory where you can open it up for a reward! These treat bags are unlimited and ARE NOT first come first serve. We will ask that during the hunts, please do not tell others in public channels where the treat bags are! You are absolutely free to Dm other members to discuss, give hints, or even just share locations privately if thats your thing. 


If you submited an RRA application, be sure to check the link provided! The password will activate around 12am EST!
Lost your password? You can find it in your submission logs here!

Familiar bonus

We realised that while announcing hattowen, we forgot to remind y'all about the Event Familiar Bonus!
During events, you can include any of the event's EVENT FAMILIARS to claim EC! You can include up to 10 of these familiars in your art, even if you dont own them!
This stacks with your owned familairs, so if you own 5 ghoworms, you can draw 15 to claim EC on!
Please be courteous to the mods though, submissions with 20+ familairs may take extra time to process!


Quite a lot was added, so here's a brief rundown of all the spoooooky new items! Give them a click to see their encyclopedia entry!

Trait Spells
Chimera Potion
- Mini Imp Spell

-Pumpkin golem (White and orange)
- Whoo 
- Maple Snort :)
- Albino Mothmin

Maple Snort and Whoo have been added to the Familiar shop for the rest of Auter! (Oct-Nov)

Collectable Accessories
- Cozy Sweater
- Jack O Lantern Helmet
- Ghost Costume

Crafting Recipes
- Cozy Sweater
- Ghost Costume
- Jack O Lantern Potion
- Jack O Lantern Helmet
- Living Candle Potion
- Pumpkin Golem
- Spider Potion
- Tinted Lantern



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