Weekly Roundup #10

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It's been a little while!

Weekly roundups went on a little bit of a hiatus there for a bit, but we're back with one thats a little bit early to catch up on the past few weeks and get y'all ready for next week!

Upcoming events...

  • The July Legendary Shop will be releasing at 6pm EST on Sunday July 18th! 
  • There are currently No plans for any major or minor events to occur during July -September. So take a load off and relax before Hattowen returns in October!

Bugfixes + Minor changes

  • Alien Debris have been updated to give 3 Normal energy instead of 3 Event energy
  • The Flower crown recipe has been added to the DIY shop!
  • The trait list needed to turn a Trabble into a Pterabble has been added to the Pterawings trait
  • The daily energy now gives the appropriate 15 energy, instead of 10 energy!
  • added "cappari ascended tail" trait, Ascended cappari do not usually have tails but this trait allows them to have it! 

That's all we have for this week! Stay Gnarly everyone ?


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