Farewell Pippets!

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by tessary

ALL SEASONAL PIPPETS are now available in the shop, so if you missed out on them, now's your chance!

This is happening because after the 15th, all pouflons-based pippets will no longer be available to get in the ranebopets shops.

There will instead be ranebopet-based familiars (ie. flying hecks, noodlefish, etc & some new ones!) This JUST affects the shops! You'll keep all your pippets in your inventory, of course! 

All shop pippets have also been set to 12TC instead of 16TC to make them easier to get before they leave! Reminder that we have TC bundles in the cash shop if you need a boost!

(These are the pippets that are leaving. Luckolotl/ubra/hermyte are not leaving!)

Pippets Leaving


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